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Lesism - by Les Floyd: My First Hate Mail?

Thursday, 1 September 2011

My First Hate Mail?

I received this email earlier...

So, just how much money has your blog brought you in since revealing your soul on a blog?
Just call me cynical but all u r doing is seeking readers to give you clicks that will further your career.  Good luck.
Just do not dump on us.
What have u ever felt really miserable about let alone downright depresed?

I've never had one of these before, to my email. I've had a few 'troll' comments on the blog, that I've written about elsewhere.

I'm guessing this person hasn't read too much of my blog content, or most of these questions would be answered. 

For example, I'm obviously not making enough money to move out of my 'base of operations', which is currently the bedroom of my elderly mother's house. I am 37 and I live here with three cats... if anyone goes missing around Carlisle, you'd be sure that the police would come knocking here first.

Anyway... I was very pleased with my reaction. There was no impulse to write STFU STUPID! back in bright red, massive letters. I wrote this:

Hi Jayne,

Thanks for your email, first of all!

The answer to your questions are already in the posts I've made, so far, if you feel like a good read through, but briefly...

I haven't made any money from the blog. I get a lot of people emailing me, asking for help, too, and I do what I can, free of charge - though it takes up a lot of my time. I sometimes work up to 18 hours a day.

I am writing a book, though, and I have other plans on raising awareness of what I teach. I do expect that, in time, these plans will make a very large income, but - as I've stated a few times - I want to use the profits to help people. This is a good round-up of my aims, in that respect:

I had 'depression' for around 20 years... on medication for 15 years or so... got the scars on my wrists from suicide attempts and went through a few very serious overdose dramas. If you ask anyone who has battled mental illness why they were mentally ill, I expect they'll say the same as me... some of us find it difficult to cope with certain situations or times in life. In fact, one in five people will suffer at least one episode of acute depression (rather than 'feeling low') in our lives. That's well over a billion people, on current global population levels.

This is a good article on the BBC website to illustrate that:

I was very lucky, in that I experienced the 'awakening' I write about last February, and my whole perception of life changed in the space of around an hour. Although I firmly believe it was 'spiritual' in nature, there's nothing particularly mystical about it, and I'm not at all religious... it's something that just about everyone has access to, but very few people are aware of that strength, within.

Now... if you were in my shoes... if you'd been through what seemed like hell on Earth and came out the other side, smiling, and you felt sure that you could teach others how to do the same... wouldn't you want to help others find that sense of peace, too? I think you would!

I live a content, tranquil life despite not having very much money at all, and though money is far from being the prime motivation of my work, it would of course be useful to extend awareness and promote the benefits of these teachings to others. So, if I were to sell someone a book - for the same price of a few pints of beer - that could help them be happy, don't you think that would be a fair trade? But rather than use the profits of that to buy myself fancy, shiny things to inflate my ego's sense of self-worth, I'd use that money to do positive, life-changing things for other people... be they individuals, groups or communities... such as having a well drilled in a village in Africa, paying the medical bills for some sick kid who needed urgent treatment and who couldn't really afford to wait six months for a long, drawn-out fund-raising campaign, or perhaps inspiring children from hard-to-reach inner-city communities to learn a musical instrument or get involved in music production.

I'd also quite like to do my part to prevent people from killing themselves, or living truly miserable lives because they can't switch off their thoughts. The mind can be a person's greatest enemy.

It is a cynical world, yes, but some people in it have true hearts and will work towards changing the world - which we all share - for the better. I'm one of them. There are many others, too.

I hope that helps with your concern.




Anonymous said...

God Bless You Les, you have a heart of gold and it thrills me to see the love you demonstrated in your reply...may your life continue to be a celebration and may you always view life with the postive outlook you've presented is wonderful to see the growth of another person! You're helping others more than you could possibly ever know...May there always be miracles in your life and sunLight along your path! And may you find abundant love, Always!

Caledonia Lass said...

Good for you for not going the STFU route. :D I might have.

Vampirique Dezire said...

I am sorry you had to receive such a spiteful email BUT your response was not only eloquent but positive and heart felt.

Suffering from a mental illness is not a thing anyone could honestly say they would want to have with them for the rest of their life. Their family and friends would also expound on the difficulties of knowing someone you love who is a sufferer.

I actually wrote a post about Bipolar on one of my blogs to try and make people aware of it. If you are interested you can find it at

Thank you for sharing this post and your thoughts, it takes a lot of courage.

Blessed Be!

Ash Oldfield said...

Always the gentleman, well done.

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Hackers acquire Google certificate, could hijack Gmail accounts - Computerworld

Computerworld - Hackers have obtained a digital certificate good for any Google website from a Dutch certificate provider, a security researcher said today.

Criminals could use the certificate to conduct "man-in-the-middle" attacks targeting users of Gmail, Google's search engine or any other service operated by the Mountain View, Calif. company.

"This is a wildcard for any of the Google domains," said Roel Schouwenberg, senior malware researcher with Kaspersky Lab, in an email interview Monday.

"[Attackers] could poison DNS, present their site with the fake cert and bingo, they have the user's credentials," said Andrew Storms, director of security operations at nCircle Security.

Man-in-the-middle attacks could also be launched via spam messages with links leading to a site posing as, say, the real Gmail. If recipients surfed to that link, their account login username and password could be hijacked.

Details of the certificate were posted on last Saturday. is a public site where developers -- including hackers -- often post source code samples.

According to Schouwenberg, the SSL (secure socket layer) certificate is valid, and was issued by DigiNotar, a Dutch certificate authority, or CA. DigiNotar was acquired earlier this year by Chicago-based Vasco, which bills itself on its site as "a world leader in strong authentication."

Vasco did not reply to a request for comment.

Security researcher and Tor developer Jacob Applebaum confirmed that the certificate was valid in an email answer to Computerworld questions, as did noted SSL researcher Moxie Marlinspike on Twitter. "Yep, just verified the signature, that pastebin * certificate is real," said Marlinspike.

Because the certificate is valid, a browser would not display a warning message if its user went to a website signed with the certificate.

It's unclear whether the certificate was obtained because of a lack of oversight by DigiNotar or through a breach of the company's certificate issuing website.

Schouwenberg urged the company to provide more information as soon as possible.

"Given their ties to the government and financial sectors it's extremely important we find out the scope of the breach as quickly as possible," Schouwenberg said. The situation was reminiscent of a breach last March, when a hacker obtained certificates for some of the Web's biggest sites, including Google and Gmail, Microsoft, Skype and Yahoo.

Then, Comodo said that nine certificates had been fraudulently issued after attackers used an account assigned to a company partner in southern Europe.

Initially, Comodo argued that Iran's government may have been involved in the theft. Days later, however, a solo Iranian hacker claimed responsibility for stealing the SSL certificates.

Today, Kaspersky's Schouwenberg said "nation-state involvement is the most plausible explanation" for the acquisition of the DigiNotar-issued certificate.

Mitra Kahrom: Because She is a Woman. | URGENT: Stop the Illegal Deportation of Mitra Kahrom to the Misogynist Islamic Republic of Iran. | برای ایران آزاد mission free iran

Mitra Kahrom was forced to endure extreme violence at the hands of a brutal husband whose crimes against Mitra are endorsed by a brutal and misogynist regime. Unable to tolerate life under such repression, Mitra went to the streets in protest against the Islamic Republic; she was identified and hunted by the regime. Subsequently, she fled to Sweden and has been openly and vocally active in organizations that oppose the Islamic Republic regime. Mitra has numerous grounds on which to claim asylum in Sweden. Despite this, the Swedish government wants to send her back to a place in hell where the flames burn hotter for women: the Swedish government wants to deport Mitra back to Iran. We at Mission Free Iran oppose the Swedish government’s illegal efforts to deport Mitra, and we ask that you join us in demanding Mitra’s right to asylum in Sweden. A sample letter-writing action appears below Mitra’s story, which appears in Farsi then English.

بگذارید از بی‌ حقوقی اجتماعی و انسانی‌ خودم به عنوان یک زن ایرانی  در  پناه قانون شرع اسلامی و فرهنگ آن برایتان بازگو کنم. من را هنگامی که هنوز نوجوانی بیشتر نبودم و مثل هر جوانی‌ هزاران امید و آرزو داشتم به شوهر دادند. ازدواج کاملا سنتی‌ بود و از پیش شوهرم را نمیشناختم. من هم مانند دختران دیگر به تن دادن به این ازدواج محکوم بودم. عجیب است؟ در ایران اسلام زده این اصلا عجیب نیست، و من هم مانند هزاران دختر دیگر که به ازدواج با مردی که نه‌ میشناسند و نه‌ می‌‌خواهند محکوم…..

اگر نمیدانستید بگذارید بگویم که زن بودن در ایران اسلام زده یعنی‌ بردگی،یعنی‌ کلفتی و موجودی که وجودش برای ارضای نیاز‌های دیگران ضرورت یافته و از خود اختیاری و استقلالی ندارد. به تمام اینها در موارد بسیاری مثل مورد من زیبایی طبیعی‌ را هم باید افزود….زیبایی جرم است و زن زیبا به این دلیل هم مجازات میشود. در خارج از خانه میبایستی نگاهم را از زمین بر نمیداشتم، اگر مردی به من نگاهی‌ می‌انداخت در جا مجازات میشدم. در داخل خانه اگر تنها بودم در را از بیرون قفل میکرد. حتی اجازه نداشتم به دیدن پدر و مادر و خانواده‌ام بروم و یا آنها را در خانه خود پزیرأیی کنم.

من آن هنگامی که بدنم زیر مشت و لگد له‌ میشد و یا سگک کمربندش تنم را مهر میزد و یا زیر ضربات سیلیش خون بینی‌ام دیوار اتاق را رنگ می‌کرد جایی‌ را برای پناهبردن به آن نداشتم.قانونی برای حمایت از من وجود نداشت.آن زمان هم که بالاخره به مقامات شکایت بردم ، گفتند که شوهرت است حق شرعی و قانونیش است ..حق دارد که ادبت بکند، اگر دوست نداری مهرت را به بخش و اگر راضی‌ شد طلاق بگیر!

شاید بخش بزرگی‌ از زنان دنیا، آنان که در کشور‌های اسلام زده مانند ایران زندگی‌ میکنند عمق این درد را احساس بکنند وقتی‌ که کودکانتان را میگیرند و به پدر زورگو و وحشی تحویل میدهند و می‌گویند اگر راضیش کردی اجازه دیدن کودکانت را خواهد داد و این بی‌ عدالتی و این نا انسانی‌ با اتّکا به قانون اساسی‌ و فرهنگ ناشی‌ از آن قانون زور و خشونت و وحشیگری…و من ۶ سال است که جگر گوشگانم را ندیده ام!

و من، میترا کهرم، زنی‌ جوان ، مادر ۲ کودک، خورد و تحقیر شده در اوج بی‌ حقوقی در سال ۲۰۰۹ به بهانه انتخابات به خیابان رفتم که رژیمی را که حامی‌ و سرچشمه ظلم و زور بر علیه زن است به زیر بکشم. رژیمی که تجاوز می‌کند، دست و پا قطع می‌کند، دار میزند و سنگسار می‌کند. رژیمی که به  دست کودکان سنگ میدهد که به سر زنی‌ که تا سینهٔ در خاکش کرده‌اند بکوبد؛ رژیمی که کودکان را به میادین اعدام میبرد تا صندلی‌ را از زیر پای آنکه از طناب دار آویخته اند بکشد…کودکان را …جگر گوشگان معصوم شما و من را!

من به عنوان یک زن در کشوری که قانون اساسیس، به تجاوز و زور و جرم مشروعیت میدهد و برای توسعه فرهنگ وحشیانه اسلامی میلیارد‌ها دلار پول مردم فقیر و گرسنه را، کودکان کار و خیابان را ، دختران و پسران رنگ باخته و رنجور  خورد سال تنفروش را صرف تبلیغات کثیف اسلامی و گشت‌های عجیب و قریب لاک ناخن و موی سر و پوشش اسلامی می‌کند به خیابان رفتم که از حق خودم، از حق کودکانم، از حق ما و کودکانمان و برای جامعه شایسته انسان دفاع کنم و چه در ایران یا که در سوئد یک لحظه از مبارزه بر علیه این رژیم تبعیض و جهل و کثافت دست برنداشته ام، و دولت سوئد تصمیم به بازگرداندن من به آن جهنم را دارد.


Mitra Kahrom, as an Iranian woman, wants to tell you about her human and social rights which, under shari’a constitution and Islamic culture, have been violated.

Mitra was married when she was still a very young girl, with thousands of hopes and dreams. Yet she was already, as a woman like any other, condemned and found guilty. Do you know why? Because she was a woman. Being a woman in an Islamic-infested society means being a slave, a servant, a creature without any independence. As in many cases like Mitra’s, even her beauty was a crime – a crime for which she was fundamentally guilty: if she was looked at, she should be punished.

Mitra was not a free being. Outside the house, she was forced to look at the ground when walking. Inside the house, while home alone, she was locked in. The doors were opened only when her husband was home. Mitra didn’t even have a right to visit her parents and her family, or receive them at home. When Mitra’s body was bruised by kicks and punches, when angry red welts rose where his belt buckle lashed her flesh, when the blood sprayed from her nose and painted the walls as he slapped her face, she had no place to take refuge. There was not a law to defend her. When Mitra finally complained and explained the situation to others, she was told, “But he’s your husband! He has a right! If you don’t like it, you can forfeit your economic rights, and if your husband accepts it, you can divorce.” And these are the Constitution and the shari’a law in the Islamic Republic.

I ask women all over the world who might be a little bit acquainted with the problems of women like me in Islam-infested countries: How can a woman and a mother survive the soul-crushing agony of losing her children to a dictator, criminal husband, who is protected by a dictatorship and criminal Islamic constitution that tells you that if the father agrees, you can visit your children? I have not held my children in 6 long years. This is why, out of desperation, I went out to the streets in the aftermath of the elections in 2009, with the hope of overthrowing a regime that rapes, executes, stones… a regime that puts stones in the hands of children and encourages them to hit a woman buried to the chest in the dirt, that encourages a child to pull the chair from under the feet of a person to be hanged from the noose. This regime has a constitution that promotes all of these barbarities, and it has invested millions of dollars of hungry and deprived peoples’ resources to expand and deepen its culture of savagery, bloodshed and barbarity – and it is teaching all of this to my children too.

I went to the streets in 2009 to stop this.


Dear friends: Mitra’s illegal deportation by the government of Sweden is scheduled for Friday, 2 September 2011. In Mitra’s case, not only would Mitra face persecution if returned to Iran because of her political activities inside and outside of Iran, but she would also face persecution because she is a woman: being subject to misogynist laws and a gender-apartheid state is fundamental persecution based on Mitra’s sex. She has a fundamental right to protection from both political and gender-based persecution. Please URGENTLY use the below as a sample letter to send your own letter of complaint to the Swedish government; relevant email addresses are below.


To Tobias Billström, Minister for Migration and Asylum Policy, Sweden, regarding Mitra Kahrom (case no. 11-461807):

I am writing to you to demand an immediate halt to the imminent deportation of Mitra Kahrom, an Iranian asylum-seeker who has sought refuge in Sweden from persecution by the Islamic Republic of Iran (case no. 11-461807).

Under the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mitra’s very femaleness constitutes a crime. Women in Iran are subjected to a crime against humanity known as gender apartheid. In Iran, there was no legal recourse for the brutal gender-based violence that Mitra suffered at her husband’s hands. And shari’a law has ensured that Mitra is so lacking in rights that she has not even been allowed to see or hold her beloved children for the past 6 years, because under the Islamic Republic regime, the father of the children has rights, while the mother has none.

In addition to being a member of a persecuted group in Iran, with a right to seek asylum on that basis, Mitra also has a political case. She actively participated in the 2009 post-election protests, and she was recognized; her picture was in the hands of security forces from Ministry of Information. In Iran, she was beaten, tortured, and forced to confess against herself and her friends. As soon as she could, she fled Iran for Sweden, where she continued to work actively against the Islamic Republic; she has the right to claim asylum on the basis of her sur place activism. In addition to being a Mission Free Iran activist, Mitra is a member of the Solidarity Council of the Iranian Freedom Fighters’ Front in Stockholm, and is in charge of public relations with television and radio stations in the United States as well as with local radio stations. All of her interviews are on YouTube, and her face is known to the Islamic Republic.

Some links to video clips featuring Mitra include the following:
http:// www.
http:// www.

As you well know, the Islamic Republic considers all Iranian political asylum-seekers to be criminals, deeming their quest for asylum as propagating against the regime. The Islamic Republic has on several occasions declared and applied its intent to prosecute returned political asylum-seekers, on the basis of Article 7 of the Islamic Republic’s Penal Code. Rahim Rostami, a teenaged Kurdish asylum-seeker returned to Iran by Norway and immediately imprisoned is one such example. Mitra Kahrom has sought political asylum abroad and therefore, under the Islamic Republic, is subject to prosecution by the regime.

It has also been documented during the recent attempted deportation of Peyman Najafi [1] that the Islamic Republic is keeping close surveillance on individual Iranian asylum-seekers abroad, publishing the names of Iranians seeking asylum abroad and anticipating their prosecution under Article 7 once they are returned to Iran by complicit governments.

It is illegal under international law for any country including Sweden to deport a person who has a legitimate fear of persecution in their home country. It is therefore undeniably illegal under international law for the Swedish government to participate in the crime of deporting Mitra Kahrom to Iran, where she will clearly and without a doubt face persecution for being a female, for participating in protest demonstrations in Iran, and for organizing against the Islamic Republic outside of Iran .

The Swedish government has repeatedly violated the rights of asylum-seekers. On September 3, 2010, in the case of R. c. v. Sweden (application no. 41827/07), the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg found that deporting an Iranian dissident to Iran would be a violation by the Swedish authorities of Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, “No one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”

Yet despite this finding, the Swedish government has continued without pause to illegally attempt to deport Iranian activists like Navid Mirpourzadih, Sanan Ashrafi, Marzieh Kamangar, Mehdi Maleki, Keivan Soufastaei, and others, all of whom are clearly and undeniably at risk not only of detention and torture by the Islamic Republic of Iran, but at unquestionable risk of execution.

We once again demand an urgent, immediate halt to Sweden’s latest attempt to illegally refoule Ms. Mitra Kahrom to Iran. She is at certain risk of persecution if returned to the Islamic Republic. Given the the Migration Office’s blatant, repeated violations of international law regarding refugee rights, risking the lives of Iranian and other asylum-seekers, we demand that Sweden must not only immediately halt the illegal deportation of Mitra Kahrom, but must immediately cease all deportations to Iran.


[your name]

[1] 18 August 2011: Islamic Republic’s Media Follows Cases of Iranian Political Asylum-Seekers Abroad; Accuses Political Refugees of Propagation against the Regime (

Tobias Billström, Swedish Minister for Migration and Asylum Policy and
Press Secretary Linda Norberg

Key emails:,,,,,

Swedish media:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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Brett Widmann 1 7,690
Desiree 1 7,487
Matt Clement 1 6,571
arlen wood 1 6,538
AK Rockefeller 1 6,249
Mary Kay Evans LCSW 1 5,989
Peter Demain 1 5,441
ECOsmarte Systems 1 4,213
FREEtheHikers 1 4,133
Kevin Healey 1 3,256
Casey 1 3,251
SaldanhaVerdeAmarelo 1 3,013
Ernie Hopkins 1 2,995
Judy 1 2,935
lavenderpanda 1 2,848
Mami T aka Goldee 1 2,778
Giovanni Scrofani 1 2,530
Letty 1 2,482
A. Wolf 1 2,448
Jane Fleming 1 2,311
Toni. Scurlock 1 2,237
GetUKWorkingAlliance 1 2,224
Against Nuclear Iran 1 2,122
tosexyformy 1 2,112
Ashley Sutcliffe 1 1,898
Nina L. Diamond 1 1,843
L. M. 1 1,777
Dana Dillon 1 1,735
Astrid Amalia 1 1,696
Vaporizers 1 1,666
Raquel Lemos 1 1,655
Training Camp Inc. 1 1,530
kim 1 1,409
Denise A. Romano 1 1,406
Amer Murad 1 1,369
mona 1 1,351
Echelon for Hope 1 1,304
Jacquelina Quiñones 1 1,297
Farah Mawani 1 1,270
Dr Hemp 1 1,220
Gael 1 1,185
Nokteh Emroz 1 1,183
C Falco 1 1,168
michael mcbrearty 1 1,128
C4SSP 1 1,113
thedharmablues 1 1,107
Whistla 1 1,092
Josh Lofty 1 1,039
Benjamin Ward 1 1,032
Iran Vattandoost 1 968
Jacob Richardson 1 901
Maral 1 881
Araberican 1 868
Jason Farook 1 868
ajit8 1 842
ThA Dentist 1 829
Jason Ponce 1 826
Brian Hoadley 1 794
nobby-Lobby 1 787
RedR UK 1 770
Pernambuconha 1 764
☆420★Minister☆ 1 757
GypsyDesert 1 744
AbirG. 1 730
Krissy 1 704
WikiLeaksLover 1 701
OC Pot Mama 1 699
abu xales 1 666
Zion Rootswear 1 662
Gerald Peterson 1 655
aaron smush 1 655
Imiel Visser 1 651
Cindy 1 643
Olivier CAVAILLE 1 634 1 629
Catherine Stephenson 1 626
Emily Apple 1 615
BSSS 1 603
k 1 582
Jameelah 1 562
Gage Green 1 550
usaISbombingGaza 1 527
DarkestAngel 1 512
ハナヤマ ミキ 1 505
RosinaMariaLucibello 1 498
Ralph Simon 1 496
Aimee C. Smith 1 490
Sarah Pierce 1 489
Keith Parkins 1 466
dave ness jr 1 465
bebird 1 464
Joseph Lacerenza 1 439
Whoa Nelly 1 438
mel m 1 419
David Bingham 1 415
Andy Bell 1 413
Bridget Wilson Hall 1 413
Calamity Kessel 1 405
ajit8 1 404
Vicky B 1 400
U.S. Smokers Assoc. 1 393
Tsiki Mayne 1 384
Caterina 1 381
Glitter Hearts 1 376 1 371
Gordon Darroch 1 366
sweetleaf 1 364
Alonso 1 352
Start With ONE 1 342
Ryan Boyd 1 342
North Wales Extra 1 341
Cheryl Brown 1 338
Civil Law 4 Egypt 1 332
Mother to Child HIV 1 329
Bealtaine Cottage 1 315
Rosivy HerGar 1 312
Mwenda Thianyu 1 299
Tamara L. Siuda 1 289
Adrian Fine 1 262
Penny 1 261
DW_76 1 261
Antwain  1 259
Michael Komorn 1 258
JD 1 255
kenny nussbaum 1 244
Art North Wales 1 243
charliesnow 1 242
Virginia Moffatt 1 239
Mari Juana 1 232
roger patrick kelly 1 215
scott laroc 1 210
The California Okie 1 209
stop domestic abuse 1 208
Alisha Danielle 1 204
Tomas Taveira Arq. 1 201
***CoCo*** 1 201
beasbasu Ⓥ 1 200
David Thompson, Esq. 1 194
Harilaos Michael 1 193
ciara saine 1 190
Taltool 1 188
Blue Cloud 1 184
Kelvin John Edge 1 184
devonte batiste 1 184
Retrievergirl 1 180
Ed Deigan 1 179
M. Minchie Israel 1 176
Tatyana McDonald 1 173
Cannabis Advocate 1 164
Symposion 1 154
Marcha da MaconhaCWB 1 153
Amr El Salanekly 1 147
Ahmed Ossama 1 142
Sarah Martin 1 138
Mark Coates 1 131
Sonia 1 123
Papi Chulo 1 118
Cannabis Files 1 112
Jon 1 112
Mike Garrick 1 106
Madame Mim 1 92
CannaBANK 1 92
Tommy Polonia 1 91
Cliffsull 1 85
hayley loughran 1 84
Bart te Pas 1 79
Peter oliver 1 78
Buzze O 1 68
Angiy Michael 1 61
benson.leon 1 58
fulla 1 54
Charles 1 49
Isabelle Clerie 1 49
Hannah Victoria 1 46
Andy 1 46
martin K 1 36
Wade Bonggs 1 35
Mohamed Hussein 1 31
Gerie Langeveld 1 31
Axis of Love SF 1 30
Anathalie Durand 1 27
Cliffy Assange 1 27
bee 1 22
Dhansta 1 20
Hager Awara 1 20
Christina 1 19
Carlos Rivera 1 10
noukounsaikeo 1 -