Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Human rights monitoring | Dale Farm Travellers

We hope it never comes to this, but in the event that they attempt to evict Dale Farm we will be there.   We are calling on people to act as human rights monitors, and some of us will be engaging in civil disobedience to prevent homes from being bulldozed. The bailiffs employed to demolish homes, Constant & Co. call themselves “gypsy specialists” and have a history of brutal and illegal behavior including the cruel Twin Oaks eviction in 2004.

The eviction, estimated to cost 19.2 million pounds, would involve  smashing chalets and mobile-homes, and physically forcing up to 90 families, including children, the elderly and infirm, to leave the district, impoverished and with nowhere legally to live.

To become a human rights monitor, sign up to our txt message alert service here (this website may give you a “certificate warning” but pay no mind), and subscribe to our email bulletin .  If you’re on facebook, invite your friends to our event.

  • Please link up with some friends in advance, and have transport planned so that you can come down quickly together. You can find a map and instructions on how to get to Dale Farm here.
  • There are several local groups who have Dale Farm support campaigns. Find one in your area hereor start your own, and come together.
  • bring cameras (video and still).
  • We will be running training sessions on human rights monitoring and civil disobedience  — please email us for more information at savedalefarm[at]