Monday, 12 September 2011

IDOL - Autonomy Meaning Based Governance


At the heart of Autonomy's infrastructure software lays the Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) Server. The IDOL Server analyzes data via connectors and stores it in a proprietary structure, optimized for fast processing and retrieval of data. As the information processing layer, IDOL forms a conceptual and contextual understanding of all content in an enterprise, automatically analyzing any piece of information from over 1,000 different content formats and even people's interests. Over 500 complex information centric operations can be performed on digital content by IDOL, including hyperlinking, agents, summarization, taxonomy generation, clustering, eduction, profiling, alerting and retrieval.

IDOL enables organizations to benefit from automation without losing manual control. This complementary approach allows automatic processing to be combined with a variety of human controllable overrides, offering the best of both worlds and never requiring an "either/or" choice.

IDOL integrates with all known legacy systems, eliminating the need for organizations to rip and replace, or cobble together multiple systems to support their disparate components.

Product Features

  • Automatic Query Guidance - IDOL’s Automatic Query Guidance (AQG) automatically provides keyword-oriented users with the suggestions they need to find the most relevant information. AQG is unique because the guidance suggestions are created dynamically based on the query and the time of query.
  • Automatic Clustering  - Organizations can analyze large sets of documents and user profiles and automatically identify inherent themes or information clusters. IDOL even clusters the unstructured content exchanged in email, telephone conversations and instant messages.
  • Automatic Categorization - IDOL’s categorization features allow users to derive precise categories through concepts found within unstructured text. Existing legacy taxonomies can be either maintained or enriched with contextual understanding.
  • Automatic Taxonomy Generation -  By understanding the information in your enterprise, IDOL automatically generates taxonomies and instantly organizes the data into a familiar child/parent taxonomical structure. IDOL automatically identifies, names and creates each node based on an understanding of the concepts within the data set as a whole.
  • Autonomy Business Console - The Autonomy Business Console (ABC) empowers business users to react quickly to changing usage patterns and provide highly targeted results to end-users without any programming. ABC provides a robust set of widgets, wizards and tools to simplify the management of IDOL functions, including promotions, synonym management and relevance boosting.