Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Multiple Sclerosis & Medical Cannabis In Britain 2011: Plant B - Terpenes and Pain

I have Multiple Sclerosis - I estimate about 50,000 people with MS use cannabis medicinally, with no medical advice or legal protection. Other European countries have got civilised over cannabis. Sadly... not Britain... yet.

23 June 2011

Plant B - Terpenes and Pain

I bought 4 random Amsterdam Cannabis Cup winners to produce cannabis capsules from. Plant D was reserved for perfecting techniques in producing the cannabis oil. Testing is complete and I can now move on to the other 3.

This thought exhausts me. If I choose Plant B, I can expect the sensation of being playfully thrown, through a feather hedge backwards. Shortly after that, it would put me to sleep. I only have experience of indica varieties to inhale or bake with them.  I expect to find something very different in oil form.

What does Plant B taste like? It's terpenes are floral and peppery, sometimes giving way to Mango and Pear flavours. Through the vaporiser, it's a wonderful fat indica dive. Not a 'high' recreationally, this would make fine downer from a hectic life.

Pain leaves gradually yet definitely. I haven't attempted to explain it before because I couldn't. Using oil from Plant D, I was put through more pain but I endured it. This is research after all. The pain I faced was nothing compared to deep relapse so I won't be phased. It seems that the pain I felt may have been part of the healing process as I'm waking up feeling a little better each morning.

It was easy to think I'd already had enough of the oil. I feel wrecked but I've found that I can pass through the 'recreational barrier' and on to 'medicinal barriers'. I'm having to learn ever changing limits as my body heals. I take 2 more capsules and see if it's easier to stand or sleep or somewhere in-between.

You can change a high or medicinal effect if you make proper use of Terpenes. Search on Google and expand horizons. Know your flavours, aromas and effects. Be a wise cannabis user.

Cannabis Cup Winner - Plant B