Tuesday, 13 September 2011

So Where is all the Evidence? | Dagga Couple

If we were to believe the State and the majority of  the worlds Governments, this green stuff we ‘ve been smoking for decades should have turned us into gibbering idiots by now – or maybe psychos or axe muderers at least.
It’s addictive, harmful, dangerous, undesirable to society and of no medicinal value whatsoever (ref: DEA, USA).
With that in mind, we’ve been trying very hard to find some sort of scientific, empirical studies to back up these serious allegations.
We can’t find any.
So, seeing as we’re speeding our way to 10,000 hits on the Dagga Couple site, we thought we’d ask our expanding family if you’ve seen any stats that back the State up?
We want to be prepared for what their experts will throw at us.
Send us what you’ve got in way of the bad news, studies that show Dagga makes you a menace to society, and smoking it is harmful to society…
We can’t find any.
They must be difficult to find…or non-existant….