Tuesday, 13 September 2011

SXSW 2012 - My Voice is my Passport. Verify Me

My Voice is my Passport. Verify Me

Event Interactive 2012
Format Dual
Organizer Beth Williams INK Public Relations
  1. Isaac Chapa CSIdentity
  2. Dan Miller Opus Research
Description Start warming up your vocal chords. With an expected growth rate of 13 percent for 2012, voice authentication is going to be the biometric protocol of choice as businesses, government organizations and consumers look for ways to further protect personal identities and secure data. Why voice biometrics? Your voice is as unique as a fingerprint. It cannot be lost, stolen or forgotten. Voice authentication doesn’t need expensive equipment or fancy software to implement – just a telephone connection. Your voice can be captured in less than a minute and verified in less than 5 seconds. This panel will discuss recent advancements in voice biometrics, the current strengths and limitations of the technology and how businesses, government organizations and others are implementing the technology to protect customer identities, financial transactions and more.
  1. What is the potential for voice authentication when it comes to protecting personal identities and secure data?
  2. Why is voice biometrics is an ideal solution for protecting personal identities and securing data?
  3. How does voice biometrics compare to other biometric security options such as facial recognition and fingerprint scans?
  4. Is voice biometrics an ideal solution for protecting data, identity authentication - is it enough? Too much?
  5. How accurate is the technology and what recent advancements make it usabile? Is it usable or are there still upgrades that need to be made?
Level Intermediate
Category Emerging Technology / Mobile
Tags identity protection, Security, voice biometrics