Monday, 12 September 2011

Women for Schapelle: Schapelle Corby - Phillip Bradley of The New South Wales Crime Commission, Here's the FOI Request You Wanted in Writing

Friday, September 9, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Phillip Bradley of The New South Wales Crime Commission, Here's the FOI Request You Wanted in Writing

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Dear Phillip,

This is a formal, written FOI request. Please treat it as such. I've just had a letter from your solicitor claiming my previous one wasn't "Written," and demanding a $30 "Application" fee. Maybe you're both blind? Because it was sent directly to both you (and your organisation), as a link - and in the body of email, with my full contact details. But anyway, here it is again (I'll fax it to you as well) . . . and can you please send me details re how you want the thirty bucks paid, and you'll get that amount by return.

According to both Michael Gallacher (current Minister for the NSW Police), and Clive Small, former Assistant Commissioner to the NSW Police, your organisation paid the violent, career criminal "Tom" hundreds of thousands of dollars, after he agreed to keep quiet about corrupt police. So could you please supply me with . . .

1. Any and all internal information and documentation relating to that outrageous decision, including information on the tax status of the amounts "Tom" was paid, and your correspondence with the Australian Taxation Office on this matter.

Quote from Michael Gallacher . . .

    "It was also revealed yesterday that Tom was to receive a further $200,000 from the NSW Crime Commission to be paid over a four-year period." NSW Parliamentary Hansard, 5 April 2006Quote from Clive Small . . .
“Tom is an indemnified witness who was paid $200,000 a year for four years.” The Punch Magazine
I also note "Tom" was a close associate of your now jailed off-sider Mark Standen (former chief of "Operation Mocha"), and "Tom" was also involved in using innocent airline passengers as unwitting drug mules on the exact day Schapelle flew.

Further, I note that your corrupt officer Mark Standen failed to preserve a single frame of CCTV in relation to "Tom" (or any of his Qantas baggage handler mates), despite Standen's lead role in "Operation Mocha" which was designed to catch them. As his boss at the time, do you have any rational explanation for that incredible lapse in basic police work? And surprise, surprise the entire bunch of drug smuggling scroats escaped the long arm of the law.

I look forward to a formal response from your organisation - and I've also forwarded this correspondence to the people involved in the production of "Expendable," as just advertised on Channel 7.

Regards, Kim