Monday, 31 October 2011

CpChic, AKA Crazy Mulching Fruit Ninja

Charismas morning, we set it up. It recognized Nicholas, giving him the coveted spot of being player one. It quickly sees bob as player two. Then I get in front of the sensor. Hello? No acknowledgment. No welcome. No let’s set up your player’s avatar. For like a month, I tried everything. Different color clothes. Moving furniture. Shouting. Cursing. Crying “Xbox why don’t you like me?” At my lowest point I even googled “why can’t my Xbox see me in a wheelchair.” Thinking I was out of my mind, betting it would be my first ever Google search that returned with “No results found, get a life.” I was totally shocked to learn that this was a real issue in the disability community and Xbox would be putting out an update to fix this problem soon.