Thursday, 28 June 2012

Reprieve - Listen to Linda Carty on BBC Radio 5 Live By Anita Digernes on 28 June 2012

Listen to Linda Carty on BBC Radio 5 Live

By Anita Digernes on 28 June 2012

Linda Carty

After having spent 10 years on death row in the US state of Texas, British grandmother Linda Cartyremains optimistic and is fighting to prove her innocence.

The British consulate was not notified of Linda's arrest, nor that she was being charged with capital murder, and was therefore not able to assist with her case at this crucial stage. A catastrophically flawed trial led to her death sentence in February 2002. Since then, Reprieve has gathered significant evidence which - if presented at her trial - Reprieve believes could have proved her innocence.

In this interview with BBC Radio 5 Live, Linda talks about life in prison, the case and her fight for the right to live.

With thanks to BBC Radio 5 Live.