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30 Sep

Crippen takes his gloves off for Cameron!

Posted 30/09/2012 by crippencartoons in Uncategorized. 10 Comments

Disability Deaths

Crippen’s Deaths cartoon

OK you bastard, it’s ‘gloves off’ time!

The time has come to take the gloves off with my response to the inhuman treatment of disabled people by David Cameron.

What is it with this man. Has he made some sort of pact with the devil? Has he been offered this meteoric rise to power in exchange for a regular supply of disabled souls? And make no bones about it – disabled people ARE dying out there because of his policies!

Or is he so driven by his loyality to his pay masters that even his own personal experience of losing a disabled child can’t halt his savage attacks upon sick and disabled people?

And what about his cronies. It wasn’t so long ago that they were all attacking Labour for holding an attitude towards disabled people as being ‘scroungers’.

Quentin Davis, Conservative MP and spokesman for social security – and under the guidance of William Hague – told us that “those who are disabled should get the support they need to lead a fulfilling life with dignity. I am proud that we in the Conservative party never thought of taking such measures when we were in power.”

No I’m not making this up. It’s all recorded in Hansard if you care to look.

So what the hell is driving Cameron in this apparent complete turn around in Tory policy. And why are the rest of the government supporting him?!

And by the way, I make no apology for the cartoon that accompanies this blog. Some of you may consider it in the worst possible taste and feel that I’ve over stepped the mark here. But as far as I’m concerned Cameron has crossed a line with regard to his total disregard of disabled people, their families and friends and deserves everything he gets!

Colour me angry …

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