Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Definitions for Hashtag #GPVDI - GPVDI – Global Personal Voice Data Interface

2 Definitions for Hashtag #GPVDI



GPVDI – Global Personal Voice Data Interface

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You speak. GPVDI listens, understands and acts

The use of language independent Meaning Based Computing technology from HP Autonomy.com with other industry standard, best quality, technology from companies such as Nuance, Voxeo, IBM, etc., coupled with voice biometrics, voice stress analysis and personal profiling to accurately understand an individual’s (or group’s) problems, needs, wants and desires and then help them find answers, directions, connections, etc., in order to achieve the results needed for that individual’s (or group’s) benefit.

Harlechnnorfolk 22 mins ago


I have wanted an open line to a ‘thing’ that listens with all the power at its command.

A something that helps when I am stuck for a word
Something that remembers what I am supposed to be doing next
Something that knows which one of my medications is bad for me
Something that remembers everything I loved so once in a while it can remind me (-:
Something that knows my beliefs enough to join me in with every fight for what I truly believe and keeps my voice there until the fight is won
Something there and ready as I sit here now – so, if I decide to talk out loud to myself, or the room… or to ‘this thing’ I know I will be talking to something that understands what I am saying, clarifies points if needs be, puts me through to someone who knows what I’m asking and who doesn’t mind answering or whatever my head lets out and seeks answers for.
Something that can show me a lot about myself and society through the use of the best of the best analytics and medical technology available now