Sunday, 31 October 2010

54 years of - you decide: Do It Yourself Mental prosthesis

Imagine being damaged, or growing up and finding that something is missing from your normal makeup which makes you different from those people around you.

Let's suppose you slowly 'wake up' to the fact that it is a leg that is missing - a real reason why you keep falling over!

You start asking around and you find out that there is no such thing as a cheap artificial leg manufacturer, especially not near you or anywhere within your purview

So, what are you goin' to do?

Do It Yourself! So you get down to the nitty gritty of designing and building some form of 'add on' that does the same job as your other leg does.

... only, it's not as easy as it should be - no tools. How can you build a fully functioning artificial leg, let's make up a name for it shall we? A .... Prosthesis.... good word that, so, how can you build yer own prosthesis with no design knowledge, no anatomy knowledge and no tools?

Let's think about this... it would be easier to move yourself into a place where there are others around you who can do all these things - you know you are a nice person so they should help you build one.

Except you can't move. not because you can't hop but because your mum is frail and elderly and you have to look after her, hopping away to do this and that for her.

Let's move into the real, first world, way of doing it shall we?

But let's not make it a leg

Let's make it a 'something' that is missing from a human's way of 'joining' in with those around them

I know! Let's make it an inability to work money or the inability to get money

Poverty we could try as well

What do you do if the world you are living in offers you just a few alternatives regarding money - white or black ... or other people's.

You look for help and don't find it

You decide to build your own help machine

DIY Mental prosthesis

Thought of by you and pushed for by you because others aren't getting there

Help for me cos I need it

Useful for plenty of other uses, for plenty of other people

Come on

Kit that is a doityourself joy for the fixing of shit

and it won't involve the judgment of others

The ability to walk with two legs rather than hop with one

The ability to help your family when they need it, when you need to

Standing on your own two feet

Rather than charity being 'gracefully given' and sadly but gratefully received.