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Fire Statistics UK – Fires, Fire Call Outs, & Fire Deaths Fell In 2007

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Fire Statistics UK – Fires, Fire Call Outs, & Fire Deaths Fell In 2007

Posted by Chris on October 13, 2010 // Leave Your Comment

The most recent fire statistics data released so far are for the year 2007.  This data was released on the 28th of August 2009.  These statistics have been put together by Communities and Local Government, and have been approved by the UK Statistics Authority.

Although some of these results are alarming, it is clear that for the year 2007, there was a decrease in fires, fire related call outs, and fire deaths.

Some of the fire statistics for 2007 are as follows

  • Total fire deaths for the UK decreased by 10 per cent, in line with the long term downward trend to 443, of which 267 were accidental dwelling fire deaths.
  • Primary fires in the UK fell by 10 per cent to 144,000. Within this, dwelling fires fell by 6 per cent to 53,000 and fires in other buildings – including workplaces and areas where people gather – were down by 6 per cent to 31,000. Road vehicle fires fell by 14 per cent to 51,000.
  • UK secondary fires fell by 14 per cent to 231,000, while in England they fell by 16 per cent to 172,000.
  • There was also a decrease in false alarms in the UK which decreased by 4% to 419,000.

You can order a copy of the report online from the Communities & Local Government Website.  It costs about £18 for the report.

Let’s hope we see a decrease when 2008 statistics are released! Fires are usually very preventable if the correct steps are followed.  Simple things like smoke alarms & fire safety equipment can make the world of difference when a fire breaks out, and can also save lives.

Fires usually happen when you don’t expect them to.  If you haven’t already done so, do a fire risk assessment, and keep doing them regularly so it is always up to date!



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