Friday, 31 December 2010

White Ribbon UK

'Stop Blame' Campaign from Welsh Assembly

The Welsh Assembly Government is launching a new campaign on 17th December called "Stop Blame" aimed at challenging "blame culture" and common myths around rape and sexual assault. It's  and will be going live tomorrow. The campaign will consist of outdoor posters, radio adverts and a website (, which will include a video and further information to challenge common rape myths, focusing on:

  • Drink (myth that women who have consumed alcohol are responsible if they're raped)
  • Dress (myth that revealing clothing = "asking for it")
  • Demeanour (myth that flirting = asking for it / that a woman is to blame if she's raped following some consensual sexual activity)
  • Domestic (challenging the "stranger rape" myth and the idea that if you're in a relationship/married, it's not "really" rape)
    Dayncourt School and Nottingham DV Forum Support White Ribbon

    White Ribbon Campaign would like to thank Dayncourt Comprehensive School and Nottingham Domestic Violence Forum for all their hard work.   Jude Long Domestic Violence Coordinator at Nottingham Domestic Violence Forum has been working with Dayncourt School to promote White Ribbon issues in the school.  The activity she coordinated was with a group of 200 year 7-8 students forming a people white ribbon.  The school are set to receive their Silver Award in the New Year.