Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency


September 13, 2011

Untenured Professors Receive Exposure to DoD Science and Technology Needs 

Out of 407 applicants, 39 of the nation’s brightest young scientists were selected to receive grants totaling $11.7M under this year’s DARPA Young Facility Award (YFA) program. YFA recipients apply grants of approximately $300,000 toward a wide spectrum of basic research at universities.

“The YFA grants allow junior faculty members broad latitude to explore scientific advancement in a particular research area,” said Dr. Tayo Akinwande, YFA program manager. “This year’s recipients will conduct basic research in fields such as biology, electronics, energy and materials.”

Through YFA, DARPA identifies outstanding junior faculty members and exposes them to DoD, its needs and DARPA’s program development process.  YFA combines funding, mentoring and networking with industry and DoD early in a recipient’s career to help them in framing future research in the context of defense needs.

“Grants are the lifeblood of scientific research,” said Dr. Thomas Lee, director, Microsystems Technology Office. “The grants help advance the work of promising young faculty while providing them with a solid grounding in defense science and technology.  Recipients gain an understanding of the problems warfighters encounter every day by visiting military installations and observing field exercises.”

Applicants for YFA grants were required to be within 5 years of appointment to a tenure track position at a U.S. university. Selected researchers receive grants to develop and validate their research ideas over a period of two years.

The YFA Solicitation is published each fall on and at Including this year’s recipients, 168 faculty have received grants since the YFA program began in 2006. Awardees will be recognized by DARPA in Arlington, VA on October 25-26

A complete list of the 2011 Young Faculty Award recipients and research topics is available at