Our Aims

Group of Travellers launching Minceirs Whiden

Group of Travellers launching Minceirs Whiden

Minceirs Whiden aims to promote an understanding and the recognition of Travellers as a minority ethnic group in Irish Society who are proud and confident of their identity.

Minceirs Whiden seeks the full participation and inclusion of Travellers in economic, social, political and cultural life of Ireland. Minceirs Whiden will be inclusive of diversity within the community and will promote equality of opportunity through collective leadership.  Find out more in our leaflet (PDF, <2mb)

Our Structure

Minceirs Whiden is Ireland’s only all-Traveller Forum, and was formally founded in 2008.

It comprises of 2 structures:

  • An Assembly, whose role is to devise policy
    • Assembly meets approximately 3 times per year
    • There are 800 Travellers registered as members of the Assembly
    • Any Traveller may become a member of the Assembly by registration
  • Council, whose role is to implement policy
    • Council meets approximately 10 times per year
    • There are 17 members
    • Council is elected bi annually
    • The next elections will be held in June 2011

Minceir Whiden’s aim is to bring the Traveller community together collectively to discuss issues affecting the community.

Contact us at:  info@minceirswhiden.org