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Ask Japan to stop executing - my copy of Amnesty International's page

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Ask Japan to stop executing

Amnesty International Japan action on World Day Against the Death Penalty 2008. The letters say 'Can death penalty really solve the problem? 


We are horrified that Japan chose to execute three prisoners on 29 March 2012, after nearly two years of no executions in the country.

2011 marked the first year in 19 that no executions were recorded in Japan. The Japan Federation of Bar Associations recommended in October 2011 that the government suspend executions and move towards a moratorium on the death penalty, and the two Justice Ministers serving during the year (Satsuki Eda and Hideo Hiraoka) did not sign any execution warrants.

The current Justice Minister, Toshio Ogawa, came to the role in January 2012. He gave consent for Tomoyuki Furusawa, Yasauki Uwabe and Yatsutoshi Matsuda to be executed on 29 March.

This is a distressing step backward for Japan, when world trends are showing fewer countries using the death penalty year-on-year. More information about the death penalty in Japan



Use the form below to write to Justice Minister Toshio Ogawa, urging that he refrains from signing any more execution warrants, and instead moves towards a moratorium on executions as a first step toward abolition. Feel free to amend the letter text if you wish.

We will fax your letter directly to the Justice Minister when you hit 'submit'.

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