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Smooth, Cool and Deadly by Shee -

Smooth, Cool and Deadly


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SHEE (Sheer Badness Entertainment, LLC) presents Smooth, Cool and Deadly. First release after the well received debut album, Vaginal Erections (the “V.E.” LP). 

All eyes are on me, “I got everybody lookin’ at me” and who can blame them…I’m something to watch. Hard-hitting but braggadocios and fun, this song is for trendsetters who find they’re constantly being used as someone’s reference-point for emulation, for anyone constantly under observation…fly enough to command attention at all times. Enjoy!!! ( xo, signed SHEE). 

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“Smooth, Cool and Deadly” 
Lyrics written and performed by SHEE 
©2007 Sheer Badness Entertainment (ASCAP) 

Nice, sweet, everybody looking at me – how I tear it up…tear it up!!! 

(Verse 1) 
When they see me in the street, fiends gather ‘round me. All you kids done know what it is cause this SHEE, but who he ooh you a cutie, boobie come follow me I’m recruiting groupies. Say he know me for the song ‘bout coohie but there’s more to talk about – baby now check it out. I’m a bad mother shut ya mouth they can’t stand it it’s Sheer Badness, now abandon your bitch get with this, chicks sick when I come around them I be getting the attention of all de man dem, that’s Flatbush slang, I do the damn thing see the booty go boom, she the shots go bang. Better bring that stack when I bring that stash, no stem, no seed, all green in a ziplock bag. No cash don’t ring my jack or the jack ‘gon pop and ‘ya brain ‘gon splat. Yeah, just like that. 

I’m nice, looking sweet – I got (everybody looking at me) 
How I tear it up in the street – I got (everybody looking at me) 
‘Cause they know I’mma bring that heat – I got (everybody looking at me) 
I’m so smooth, cool and deadly – I got (everybody looking at me) 

I’m hot (hot, hot) 
So hot (hot, hot) 
So hot (hot, hot) 
Yeah, bring it back 

(Verse 2) 
Now I’m selling my CD, selling downloads and I’m selling merchandise, selling ringtones in your choice of polyphonic or real audio, SMS text for your cell phone get dates for shows. You know that I rhyme precise, more rhymes than grains in a 10 pound bag of rice. ‘Cause I do it all day and night, non-stop, ‘round the clock in eastern standard time. I make standards rise, I done raised the bar – you can’t spit that shit that you did before. I don’t fit the mold, I mold my own – I hold my own, got the crown and throne. From this day forward let it be known I’m royalty, kneel before me…Queen of the Microphone. Queen of the chrome, I ain’t bussin’ for meals – my belly full I’m shooting niggas just to see how it feel. Will I ever sell, I guess only time will reveal, but you can never take this from me – ‘cause I’ll forever be. 

(Verse 3) 
They all watching me, clocking me, can’t stop jocking me, mocking me and could you blame them I’m a hottie. And I got that thickness, puddy-tat fluffy and fat, they wanna work that business. Peep the chick, don’t get no badder – do it from the block to the corporate ladder, check the status damaging these emcees they rhyming OK but they are not me. Say they got heat, they need to stop fronting. I’m hotter than Fire Marshall Bill, let me show you something. Flames coming when I rhyme all the workers for the FDNY get double overtime, tell ‘em open up a hydrant baby ‘cause you might just burn up in flames – I’m that hot baby. And they say SHEE killin’ them and it’s apparent. When I’m around cats can’t stop staring.


released 06 August 2007 
Lyrics Written and Performed by SHEE 
Produced by King (Björn Kestelyn) 
Recorded at HardLife Studios (Brooklyn, NY) 
Photography by Eugene Gallagos 
Album Artwork by Rapid Graphics 
Label / Affiliation: Sheer Badness Entertainment (ASCAP) 

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