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Its scandal after scandal with the most secretive government in Canadian history! "The Harper Regime" is taking the knife to the Canadian people with streamlining cuts while they continue to lie to the Canadian public about billion dollar expenditures.


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***VITAL INFORMATION** SHARE AND CREATE A RIPPLE EFFECT !!! C'MON!!!!!!!!!!!! Its scandal after scandal with the most secretive government in Canadian history! "The Harper Regime" is taking the knife to the Canadian people with streamlining cuts while they continue to lie to the Canadian public about billion dollar expenditures.

Outrageous spending on superjails to privatize prisons, $25 billion dollar fighter jets, double the costs with 2 sets of books, Libya War spending 6x the estimates they gave, Military contracts for weapons which are double the estimates, they have all this money for security contracts yet and full federal budget cuts are being kept secret until 2013, right now there's cuts to everything from award winning rehab programs for inmates, food safety cuts (Canada is the first developed country to face such a probe by U.N food inspectors), elections Canada cuts during an ongoing investigation onto election fraud, Stats Canada cuts, CSIS oversight has been cut, Auditor General cuts, CBC cuts, border security cuts, parks Canada cuts , refugee health care cuts, 16,000 public service job cuts, programs for PTSD and suicide prevention for our Canadian military cut.. 100 E.I centres cut, the shredding of environmental review process from 40 to 3, all to line their corporate partners and themselves pockets of tax payer's money. WAKE UP CANADA

(((All References/Sources Attached Below: Its a comprehensive list of references all fact checked, its very important for all Canadians to read this, please take the time!))


May 11, 2012- Quietly awarded $105M defence contract leads to accusations Tories trying to hide details of military spending

Canada’s mission in Libya cost almost 6 TIMES the original estimates Peter Mckay gave. The total cost of the Libya operation — a figure that includes everything from jet fuel to pilot salaries, including the salaries of military personnel — comes in at $347 MILLION
Last October, MacKay told CBC Radio's The House the Libyan mission had cost taxpayers less than $50 million.
"As of Oct. 13, the figures that I've received have us well below that, somewhere under $50 million," MacKay said.

F-35 purchase had 2 sets of books, Page says
Conservative MP Rajotte denies government did anything wrong in jet procurement process

Harper Government lied to Canadians on F-35 $25 billion costs - Auditor General 


Its a secret government, Federal budget cuts withheld from public until late 2013

Harper government the most secretive, say Canadian Association of Journalists. The federal government was named for keeping information out of public hands on files such as the F-35 program, avoiding questions at media events and for restricting both public and media access to contentious information.

Details of federal cuts not coming until 2013
As Treasury Board president Tony Clement trumpets Canada's plan for open government at a meeting overseas, back home, the Conservatives are facing criticism for being secretive about thousands of federal job losses, government program cuts and taking control of pipeline approvals.

Handcuffed’ Tories won’t reveal full details of cuts till next spring
Canadians will have to wait until the spring of 2013 to get a full accounting of what programs and services have been cut to balance the federal books. That’s the timeline Treasury Board President (G8 legacy $50 million dollar fund fraudster) Tony Clement reluctantly confirmed Wednesday during a conference call from Brazil, where he’s taking part in a conference on “open government.”

Government secrecy over details of spending cuts in the 2012 budget is unnecessary and prevents MPs from performing their constitutional role as watchdogs of the public purse, the Parliamentary Budget Officer warns. In two new reports released Wednesday, Kevin Page touches on a wide range of current economic issues. The reports urge departments to address the lack of transparency over spending cuts. The first report takes issue with the fact that the government, as recently explained by Treasury Board President Tony Clement, is of the view that existing rules prevent departments from fully detailing the cuts until as late as spring 2013. The minister’s comments appeared to contradict a pledge he made before the March 29 budget was released, when he promised to provide MPs with “timely and accurate” information on spending cuts. source:


Remember Canada listeriosis outbreak where 22 Canadians died? Canada’s food-safety inspection force will shrink by as many as 100 inspectors — cuts the workers’ union says will have an impact on the safety of food purchased by Canadians. source:

Canada is the first developed country to face such a probe by U.N food inspectors/envoy
source: :

Harper government Cabinet ministers refuse to meet UN food envoy
Several of Harper's ministers have declined requests to meet with the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to food as part of his first-ever probe of a developed country.

Food bank demand remains near record high
In total, 851,014 people walked through the doors of a food bank in 2011


Prison rehab program axed due to Harper budget cuts
An award-winning program that helps rehabilitate prisoners and protect the public by keeping them from re-offending is falling victim to budget cuts.

The Lifeline program, which provides support for those serving life sentences and helps re-integrate those who are released on parole, has been operating in Canadian prisons for more than 20 years.
The estimated cost of the Lifeline program is $2 million per year


Two-tiered wage system announced by hapercons. Employers will now be allowed to pay foreign temp workers 15 per cent less than the average wage. Source:


The number of E.I claims now waiting beyond 28 days has ballooned to 80,000. Over the next three years, The Harper government (Conservatives) is going to close the majority of 120 processing centres and shift services to 20 centralized offices (Mostly in conservative ridings) source:

Video: Harper Government Hijacks E.I, 100 E.I Service Canada closures coming


Up to 68,000 public service jobs to be cut by Harper government

The federal government said it would eliminate 19,200 jobs, about a third in the National Capital Region around Ottawa, as part of a spending review that will cut $5.2 billion over three years from government departments and agencies. Source:


Stats Canada cuts .. Nearly half of the roughly 5,000 people working at Statistics Canada are being warned that their jobs are at risk, suggesting deep cuts are in store for one of the country’s most trusted sources of information. source:


CBC major cuts, shed 650 jobs over 3 years due to Harpercon budget
The CBC will eliminate 650 jobs over the next three years, including 475 this fiscal year, in response to deep funding cuts in last week’s federal budget.

The federal budget means the CBC will lose $115 million in funding over three years. But Lacroix noted that because of cost increases and investments, it faces a shortfall of $200 million. Lacroix said the CBC hopes to offset that with $50 million in new revenue. The remaining $150 million will be reached through staff and program cuts and efficiencies.


Doctors fight for refugee health care
Ottawa cutting off free health coverage for claimants from democratic nations. Hamilton doctors are raising the alarm about refugee claimants losing drug, vision and dental coverage at the end of June. Those deemed to be from safe and democratic countries will have no health coverage at all except services needed for protection of public health or safety.

“It's a complete travesty,” said Dr. Christian Kraeker, a Hamilton internist who participated in a protest against the federal cuts in Toronto Friday. It was one of a number of protests across the country.


Doctors stage sit-in over refugee health care cuts
Government plan would cut services to refugee claimants. Oliver was not at his office but about 60 of the doctors occupied it for about half an hour before police arrived and asked them to leave. They continued their protest outside on the street for another two hours. source;


Auditor-General’s office cuts
cons to cut 60 jobs, reduce number of audits
The Auditor-General’s office is cutting 10 per cent of its staff – or 60 jobs – and other parts of government are scrapping a wide range of reports to Parliament, according to the latest details on spending cuts provided by officials.

Oversight agencies slashing budgets
Auditor general cutting 60 jobs. The watchdog agencies that oversee federal government operations have not been spared from sweeping cuts in this year's budget. source:


Environmental Review cuts: David Suzuki Foundation, Greenpeace, Others Blast Tories For 'War On Nature' "We're very concerned that the federal government is conducting, essentially, a war on nature and democracy," he says.

Under the new federal plan, the government would have 45 days to decide if an assessment is needed for major economic projects. They would also cut the number of agencies responsible for reviews from 40 to 3. source:


Cuts to Parks Canada Parks..Canada said 32 positions in the N.W.T., 30 in Yukon and two in Nunavut will be affected as a result of federal budget cuts. Across Canada, more than 600 jobs will be affected at Parks Canada. “These people are part of our communities across the North,” he said.
“These are jobs retailers depend on for their sales, service companies depend on for their sales, and these people are no longer going to have the income to spend in our communities. This is going to hurt our economy.” Source:


Elections Canada cut starting this year during an ongoing investigation into election fraud.

Elections Canada funding will be cut by $7.5 million a year, starting in 2012-13.

Could budget cuts of $7.5 million annually leave Elections Canada open for more fraud next time we head to the polls? Training to make sure candidates and parties know the rules at voting time is partially getting axed. The announcement came last week. Part of the federal budget included a cut of 8 per cent to the government agency. Source:


Harper cons cuts soldier suicide prevention program, The Conservative government doesn’t appear to be backing down from its plan to cut the jobs of Department of National Defence medical professionals involved in suicide prevention and monitoring of post-traumatic stress disorders, even as the number of suicides in the Canadian Forces has increased. source:


**ALARM** , CSIS watchdog to be cut in budget..The watchdog responsible for monitoring the activities of Canada's spy agency and reporting findings to the minister in
charge will be eliminated as part of the federal government's budget. Source:

CSIS freed from final shreds of oversight
If you are a Canadian citizen, landed immigrant or refugee to this country and you are even the least bit aware of the rights and civil liberties that Canada affords you, then you should be deeply worried today. Late last week, in its familiar stealth-like fashion, Stephen Harper’s Conservative government shuttered the office of the Inspector General (IG) over Canada’s spy service, CSIS.


Border staff cuts called direct attack on national security. Canada is cutting back on border officers even as it prepares to deepen its co-operation with the United States through a wide-ranging deal on perimeter security. Dog-sniffer teams and intelligence officers are among the more than 1,300 jobs the union says it's been told will be eliminated at the Canada Border Services Agency. The government says that while more than 1,000 CBSA will receive letters about potential job reductions, only about 250 people will lose their jobs in the end. The union disputes this. 


The cost of the federal prison system has RISEN 86% since the Harper government took over in 2006, government reports show.
When the Conservatives came to power in 2005-06, Canada’s federal corrections system cost nearly $1.6-billion per year, but the projected cost for 2011-12 has increased to $2.98-billion per year. source:

Fair questions since the Conservatives on election campaign trials have talked of spending billions on building more prisons. But it’s even more fair when you consider that registered as a lobbyist in Ottawa on crime bill issues is none other than The GEO Group Inc., a $1.3-billion dollar American private for profit prison company that trades on the New York stock exchange.
Registered with the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying of Canada as registrant 779026-278825-2 is the THE GEO Group Inc, One Park Place Suite 700, Boca Raton, FL GEO is also listed as the client of The Parliamentary Group, a registered lobbying organization which lists former Reform Party MP Deb Grey as a partner. Grey was the Reform’s first election member of parliament whose legislative assistant is now Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The Harper government plans to spend another $158 million on new prisons with the current crimes rates at an all time low

The omnibus crime bill is a crime

Crime rate falls to lowest level since 1973
Canada's crime rate is the lowest in nearly 40 years, according to Statistics Canada, as the volume of crime dropped five per cent in 2010 from the year before. source:

Canada's homicide rate declines to 44-year low
Public safety minister pleased, but says Tories won't change crime approach

**Omnibus Crime Bill: Mental Illness Not A Consideration.**
Justice Minister Rob Nicholson ignored questions Thursday about how a massive new crime bill will deal with Canadians living with mental illness, including young offenders who find themselves being sentenced as adults. source:

Controversial crime bill to cost Canadians $19 BILLION: study

Keeping a male inmate in jail per year cost tax payers $109,699 according to a 2009 corrections Canada report: in 2011 it rose to $113,974 a year.

Recent government reports on the cost of Canada’s jails show costs rising on all fronts. For instance, the cost of keeping a male inmate in prison rose from $88,067 per year in 2006 to $109,699 in 2009, according to the most recent data from Corrections and Conditional Release Statistical Overview.The cost of staffing Canada’s federal prisons has also increased significantly, with 5,745 more staff hired at Corrections Canada since the Conservatives took power. Staffing numbers have risen from 14,663 in 2005-06 to 20,408 full-time equivalents in 2011-12, according to Reports on Plans and Priorities.

$312 per prisoner, per day
Land a bed in jail via rape, murder or any other heinous criminal act, and you’re suddenly worth $113,974 a year to the federal government — nearly ten times as much. Fair? Hardly. But that’s annual average cost for keeping an inmate incarcerated in Canada, according to the latest report from Corrections Canada. It means the federal government is paying $312 per prisoner, per day, to keep Canada’s worst citizens healthy, happy and secure in the penitentiaries our killers and cretins chose to live in.

Americans shocked Harper crime bill gives more time to pot growers than pedophiles

Texas conseratives to Stephen Harper : Omnibus Crime Bill a huge mistake

**Texas conservatives** reject Harper's crime plan
'Been there; done that; didn't work,' say Texas crime-fighters

Crime bill unfairly targets women, aboriginals, critics say

The Ontario government says the omnibus federal crime bill will cost the province's taxpayers more than $1 billion in increased police and correctional service costs.

Quebec, Ontario won't pay costs of federal crime bill

Federal prison closures blasted by union
The federal government is closing two facilities in Kingston, Ont., and one in Laval, Que. Source:

Vic Toews’ bizarre plan to introduce his own personal inflation rate to prison. He wants them to contribute 32% of their income. At 32%, it’s higher than the top federal tax rate of 29%, which applies to incomes over $132,000. So, under the Tory plan, prisoners making $260 a year will hand over more of their income than people making 500 times that much. This, says Toews, will “restore balance” to the system. Source:

********NATIONAL EMERGENCY***********

Canada is in a National emergency, that's the truth. The Harper government has declared the Canadian people to be enemies of the state and most people don't even know it.

Harper meets with Chinese propaganda minister secretly in Ottawa.

Stephen Harper thinks Canada is a dictatorship and even wrote about it- courtesy of the CBC
So, let's consider that obscure but intriguing article, written in 1997 by two brainy conservatives, Tom Flanagan and Stephen Harper. Yes, it calls Canada "a benign dictatorship."

Enemies of the State:
It seems hard to imagine today that a Canadian government would approve a plan to round up thousands of law-abiding Canadians and lock them away simply because they were perceived to be a threat to Canadian democracy.
CBC Fifth estate:

The government of Canada has been hijacked
conservatives re-brand the Canadian government in Stephen Harper’s name

Harper Government broke the law when dismantling Wheat Board: Federal Court, This will allow corporate GMO companies to take over Canada:

Harper Government labels environmentalists "terrorist threat" in new report

Under Harper's government: CSIS and RCMP equate Greenpeace and PETA with terrorists

Terrorism Monitor Closely Watched Occupy Canada Protests

Under Harper's government
Natives decry military's comparison of protests to terrorism

Harper government’s muzzle on federal scientists

Harper's public safety minister Vic Toews said 'Your With us or with the child pornographers' if you were opposed to bill C-30 which is spying on ALL Canadians including your internet access and cellphone records all without warrants. source:

Harper's Public Safety Minister Vic Toews announced a new anti-terrorism strategy that identifies as threats eco-extremists, animal-rights radicals and anti-capitalists. source:

Macleans Magazine: Harper's promise: a warrantless online surveillance state source:

WARNING: Harper/Toews want 1984 Big Brother Government

CBC News: Online surveillance bill opens door for Big Brother
Section 34 gives Orwellian powers to government-appointed 'inspectors'

Toronto Sun: Say hello to Big Brother Harper Government

Stephen Harper breaks election rules, campaigns on radio on election day

Conservative Party fined for breaking election laws

Conservative Party may have broken election law

Stephen Harper's closest advisor Bruce Carson was convicted on five counts of fraud -- three more than previously known -- and received court-ordered psychiatric treatment before becoming one of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's closest advisers. And his lawyer told The Canadian Press that Carson disclosed his entire criminal record during a security check that was required to become a senior staffer in the Prime Minister's Office.

Can't forget Harper's $1Billion dollar security summit which hijacked Toronto and led to the most violations of civil rights and most mass arrests in Canadian history

Researched/shared by Derek Soberal@OccupyCanada