Wednesday, 16 May 2012

OpenDNS secures the networks used by more than 30 million people to connect to the Internet.

We're a security company that's changing security.

OpenDNS secures the networks used by more than 30 million people to connect to the Internet. Across all continents, in Fortune 50 enterprises and small businesses alike, at one in every three U.S. schools and hundreds of thousands of homes. Our services are smart and lightweight, yet more powerful than anything else available. They require no software or hardware, and can be set up in just minutes, immediately taking effect across all devices that connect to the Internet -- tablets, smartphones, even gaming consoles. Ask anyone who's deployed a network service across an enterprise and they'll tell you just how revolutionary that is. We're changing the face of Internet security.

We're the good guys.

In just a short few years, OpenDNS has built the world's most loved and trusted DNS service, and introduced security innovations that have forever changed the way business and consumers experience the Internet. And we've done it with a fixed focus on making the Internet a better, safer place. In short, we're the good guys. And we have a global community of technologists, security gurus, academics, parents and generally invested people who share our mission.

We're the undisputed innovation leaders.

At OpenDNS headquarters in beautiful San Francisco, CA, our world-class engineering team is obsessed with inventing new methodologies to eradicate malware, botnets and phishing through DNS, and use the system to intelligently route our users around it. Together they've developed some of the foremost innovations the DNS has seen in its lifetime. See for yourself in our long list of inventions and firsts. And we're just getting started.

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Today OpenDNS is growing rapidly and healthily with the backing of leading venture capital investors Sequoia Capital and Greylock Partners. Get to know more about the people behind OpenDNS, and learn what OpenDNS services can do for your home, school or business.