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[edit] Browser Alerts Problem Definition

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[edit] Description

Show emergency alerts (hurricane, tsunami, tornado, warnings, etc) in browsers. Constrain to IP geolocations in warning area. Start with a desktop plugin, migrate to a native browser feature, meld with CAP standard, deploy as a mobile application. Enable forwarding of message to friends/contacts.

[edit] Considerations

  • Compatible with all major browsers
  • Very robust hackproofing/verification mechanism(s)
  • Who has access to inputs? How is this different in different countries/areas?
  • Can this be made less text-dependent to make it more universally understandable without translations?

[edit] Use Cases

1. A string of tornadoes is bearing down on the US Midwest.
2. A tsunami is expected to hit the eastern coastline of New Zealand.

[edit] Requirements

  • Ability for users to opt-in/opt-out?
  • Data display considerations (CAP-based?): issuing agency, area of impact, severity of impact, estimated time of impact, etc.
  • Turn off alert once acknowledged/read or leave on and stream updates?
  • Consider color (red?) to communicate urgency
  • How to communicate sense of urgency while reducing/mitigating false alarms as a result of IP geolocation imprecision?
  • Provide ability to pass the information on through several outlets: email friend, sms friend, post to FB, etc.

[edit] Comments

[edit] --Gavintreadgold 03:23, 5 June 2010 (UTC)

[edit] RSS Feeds

Links where the RSS were finded:

  • Hurricanes, Tornados: