Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Why Attend

Why Attend

The benefits of attending this conference include the opportunity to:

  • Hear Lord Wei, the Government's adviser on Big Society, set out the Government’s approach to the Big Society agenda
  • Listen and learn what your civil society stakeholders need and want to drive this agenda forward with you
  • Understand how to give communities more power over their lives
  • Explore what the centre’s role is in promoting a Big Society
  • Hear from leading thinkers and policy influencers in this field
  • Understand how the changing public service reform agenda affects you and your organisation
  • Network with your peers and counterparts across Government in this unique gathering of civil society and civil servants

Contact Us

To register to attend this conference contact Alex Bond on:

020 7593 5733 or email alex.bond@dods.co.uk

To discuss exhibition or sponsorship opportunities contact Saul Draper on:

020 7593 5733 or email saul.draper@dods.co.uk

To discuss the conference programme contact Stuart King on:

020 7593 5733 or email stuart.king@dods.co.uk


To register to attend this conference or to reserve a place, please do one of the following: