Friday, 28 January 2011

  • Universal App
  • Cross-Platform IM
  • Multiple Connections
  • No Limitations
Cellflare is a Location Based web service that allows users to stay visually connected to each other via their Mobile Devices. Users can view the real time status of their family and friends from any Internet Browser or from the downloadable Cellflare App. The Cellflare app is currently available on Itunes , Blackberry App World , Palm® App Catalog , and of course, from (coming soon – Android and Symbian).  
Extended features of Cellflare include; Instant Messaging amongst anyone running Cellflare on their Mobile Device (regardless of platform), and expanded History and Geo-fencing features. Getting started is easy! just download the app to your device and within minutes you will be able to track yours and your friends whereabouts anywhere in the world