Thursday, 27 January 2011

LETTER TO MY POPS - Creston Ave's


It's very common to be a fatherless child in the environment i grew up in. everybody is young uneducated just having fun not thinking just living for the moment.

I'm what they call a mistake, i just happened,  i was'nt meant to be. for years i always wondered what happened to my father. i wished that one day he would pop up and surprise me but he never did.


All i had was my imagination and my dreams. I would imagine him coming back and changing my life,  teaching me how to be a man. Instead i had the hustler, killers, pimps, and  drug addicts to raise me.

It was hard to be more then what i was surrounded by but some how i manage to lead my own life and not follow in anybody foot steps. I know rapping is what everybody does  now adays but evendoe i aint get a record deal it kinda saved me from alot of

things. It kept me occupied it gave me a hobby to keep my mind away from what was suppose to be my destiny.....