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Great resources for celebrating GRTHM

Resources for schools.

GRTHM PostersThe Gypsy Roma Traveller Achievement Service in Leeds (GRTAS) has a range of resources that are great for raising awareness of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) cultures in the learning environment.

These resources will also help teachers, schools, youth groups and other learning establishments, who celebrate Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month in June and include these materials in the curriculum for all children.

These resources not only inform learners of the rich and diverse of Travelling communities but they help make Traveller children, and their parents, feel welcomed into the learning environment. GRTAS has produced many posters, postcards and DVDs for such purposes, and to celebrate Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month that takes place nationally every June.

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What's Available?

The First Traveller DVD

First Traveller DVDMusic, songs, drama and poetry from the Travelling communities. Includes scenes from "Mobile" the Play by Irish Traveller writer and actor Michael Collins and rare footage of John and Larry Rooney, renowned pipe players. Acclaimed GRT professionals such as Jess Smith, Richard O’Neill and Sheila Stewart MBE also appear on this DVD. The DVD package also includes lesson suggestion cards. £5.00 each

Read more about the first Traveller here

Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month Poster Set

GRTHM PostersA series of high quality Art Posters by by professional GRT artists specially for Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month. Ferdinand Koci, Daniel Baker, Damien Le Bas and Delaine Le Bas and Showman artist Lloyd Holland were specially commissioned to inspire children and young people with images of Traveller culture. This is a chance to own posters of images by highly talented and acclaimed artists.

£10.00 a set

O Baro Dive PosterO Baro Dive - A1 Poster

A full-colour A1 poster "O Baro Dive" ("Celebration"). Painted by Roma artist Ferdinand Koci to celebrate Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month 2009.

Click the on the poster image for a larger view


Early Years/Primary Classroom Poster

Carnival posterAn oil on canvas painting by international Roma artist Ferdinand Koci reproduced as an A2 poster that depicts the different GRT communities. The montage of images includes depictions of Circus and Fairground lives, horse fairs and traditional Gypsy wagons to promote discussion and aid understanding. The poster is encapsulated to give excellent protection and durability.


Rromanes Language Poster

Rromanes Language posterThe Rromanes language and its thousand year journey Wall Poster. This map traces the development of the Rromanes language during it’s thousand year journey from India to Western Europe and beyond. The poster has words and translations for children to find on the image.


Open Roads, Open Minds

Open Roads Open MindsA Storytelling Resource pack that has a DVD, Wall Poster, Storyteller & Artist Portraits all wrapped in one attractive package. It can be used to enrich the curriculum for all children. In writing this Learning Resource into schemes of work across the Key Stages it will help in the process of ‘inculcating race equality into the curriculum and moving teaching and learning on.

’It can be ‘a valuable tool for educational improvement, capturing pupil’s interest and improving attainment.’

This Learning Resource can be used effectively across the Curriculum – Literacy, Drama, Art, Music, History, PSHE and Citizenship and across all Key Stages 1 – 4 and for In Service Training (INSET).


Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month Postcards

Postcard versions of five GRT posters created by professional GRT artists specially for the Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month.