Sunday, 29 May 2011 FAQ | Do Some Good


  • What is Do Some Good?

    Do Some Good is an app that lets you do bite-size actions on your mobile in five minutes or less to make a difference to the things you care about. It offers a number of actions that let you easily volunteer at a time and place that suits you. With lots of people doing small actions we can create a big impact for charitable organisations.

  • Who created the app?

    Orange created and developed the app, but we’ve worked with our partner organisations throughout the whole journey to co-create the first actions on the app.

  • Do I have to be an Orange customer to use the app?

    No. We want to make sure as many people can use the app as possible, so we’ve made it available to people on any network.

  • Is the app free?

    Yes. The app is free to download from the Apple App Store. However, if you don’t have a contract that includes internet access, you may be charged for the data you use when you complete the actions. You can check with your network provider to make sure.

  • Have Orange’s partner charities paid for the development of the app?

    No. Orange has financed the development and launch of the Do Some Good app. Charities are likely to have incurred some costs for the time, creative input and technical management they put into launching their action on the app.

  • Which actions are currently on the app?

    There are currently 12 actions on the app:


    - CyberMentors: Map bullying around the UK so that they can better target their services.

    - Wellbeing survey: Answer a survey for Samaritans to help them better understand wellbeing so they can reach more people who need their support.

    - Multilingual Translators: Translate bite-size pieces of 'how to' guides to help people in developing countries improve their lives.

    - Hidden Science: Submit your science question to build knowledge and inspire others.

    - Urban Oasis: Share your local urban oasis to create an interactive map that celebrates Britain’s green spaces.

    - Love Outdoor Play: Help create a national Outdoor Play mapfor Play England and The Geography Collective.

    - photofoundation: Donate images to build an online image bank for charities.

    - Guerrilla Gardening: Locate places that need regenerating.

    - Sustainable Restaurants: Review the sustainability of places you’ve eaten to help improve them.

    - Free Your Bike: Share your thoughts about cycling to help free more bikes.

    - Forest Nation: Tag places you think need more trees.

    - I DO IDEAS: Pitch your idea to improve your community.

  • How did you decide which actions to choose?

    We created an online community ( where we invited developers, charities, and other people to submit ideas for votes and comments. The submissions were reviewed, and the best ones were developed into the actions we’ve currently got on the app.

  • Can I complete actions more than once?

    It depends on the action. Some actions, like the surveys for Sustrans and Samaritans, ask you what you think about different issues. You can only take these sorts of actions once, as it wouldn’t make much sense for you to submit the same opinions again. You can complete other actions, such as uploading photos or tagging locations, as many times as you like, as each action you complete will help these organisations every time you do it.

  • Why did you create it?

    At Orange, we have a heritage of volunteering and we’re committed to enabling people to volunteer. We wanted to create an easy way for people to volunteer, so they can make a positive difference wherever it suits them.

  • What is Orange RockCorps?

    Orange RockCorps works with over 200 charity and non-profit partners across the UK to deliver exciting volunteering opportunities. Everyone who Gives 4 hours volunteering with Orange RockCorps Gets Given amazing music rewards in return, including exclusive tickets to amazing Orange RockCorps gigs. Give, Get Given.

  • What is the connection between Do Some Good and Orange RockCorps?

    Orange has always been passionate about helping people to volunteer, so we’ve worked with Orange RockCorps for quite some time to make this happen. They’ve worked with us on the app and we’ve teamed up with them to offer ways of rewarding people.

  • Can I get an Orange RockCorps music reward using the Do Some Good App? If so, how?

    Yes, Give 60 actions (equivalent to 4 hours) volunteering through our Do Some Good app and you will become eligible to join the Orange RockCorps Collective and earn amazing music rewards. Once you have completed your 60 actions you will receive instructions through the app explaining how to collect your reward.

  • What types of music rewards can I get?

    Rewards have included tickets to a gig of your choice through Ticketmaster; plus prize draws for tickets to Orange RockCorps gigs in Paris and Tel Aviv featuring the likes of Rihanna and N*E*R*D; and VIP access to gigs across the UK.

  • How will I find out what impact my volunteering has had?

    Every time you do an action the charity informs you of the impact you are having for them. You can also see the impact of everyone’s actions added together, are shown on our good news section of the website and on the charities’ websites.

  • On which smartphones can I download Do Some Good?

    You can download the app using iPhone or BlackBerry. The current BlackBerry devices that are compatible are the Curve 8520, Curve 9300, Bold 9700, Bold 9780 and Torch 9800. We are working as hard as we can to make it available on Android and Nokia phones later this summer, as we want to get as many people mobile volunteering as possible.

  • Are new actions going to be added?

    Yes - we’ll be launching new actions throughout the year, so keep an eye out.

  • How can charities get involved?

    We’re always on the lookout for more charities to help through mobile volunteering. If you have an idea for an action for your charity, please fill out the form on our partners page. We’ll be in touch to see how we can work together.

  • Can I give you feedback on the app?

    Of course – we’d love to hear your thoughts on how we can make the app better. Send your suggestions along to

  • I can’t find the app on my Blackberry?

    If you have a Blackberry Curve 8520 and you cannot find the Do Some Good app, you will need to upgrade your phone software to version 5.0. then off you go! It’s easy. If you don’t know how, find out more information at