Wednesday, 13 February 2013

BBC News - Thousands of carers set to lose benefits

Thousands of carers set to lose benefits Carers can apply for a weekly allowance of £58.45 Continue reading the main story Related Stories Concession over disability benefits Thousands of carers in England, Wales and Scotland are set to lose benefits when new disability-claim rules start. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) says 5,000 carers currently eligible for a £58.45 a week allowance will no longer be when personal independence payments replace the disability living allowance this April. It says the changes are necessary and 20,000 additional carers should gain. Charity Carers UK says this is "cold comfort" to those who will miss out. New system More than a million people receive carer's allowance. And for about 270,000 of them, this entitlement is dependent on the eligibility for the disability living allowance (DLA) of someone of working age for whom they care. When DLA is replaced by the personal independence payment (PIP), there will be new rules and assessments to judge who can claim assistance to help them lead an independent life. If fewer disabled people can claim PIP than are currently receiving DLA, this would have a knock-on effect for their carers.