Wednesday, 13 February 2013

BBC News - Viewpoint: Down with romantic love

Viewpoint: Down with romantic love COMMENTS (384) Continue reading the main story In today's Magazine How safe do women feel on a night out? Growing up as a Benedict How the 1960s changed the Pope The Monitor Our idealised notion of romantic love is actually the biggest enemy of long-lasting relationships, says Mark Vernon. Romantic love is widely celebrated as the pinnacle of love. It is marketed as the peak experience without which you cannot say you have lived. The signs of its allure are everywhere, not just on Valentine's Day. Take the cost of the average wedding. It has rocketed in recent years, now easily topping £20,000 in the UK. It is as if couples make a direct link between romantic value and cash value. Or think of the cinema, where romantic comedies are big box office. If you get the formula right, of lovers finally falling into each others' arms, you net hundreds of millions of dollars. Or again, there are the dating websites that are recession proof - 60% growth in spending last year, according to reports. Continue reading the main story About the author Mark Vernon is a writer and journalist. He has written books on friendship and philosophy, and is the auth