Friday, 1 February 2013



Tangerine Bolen commented on her own Post.

  • Hello all, we are happy to announce that Daniel Ellsberg will be joining us in court and afterward for the press conference! Thomas Drake and Jesselyn Radack will be joining us as well. We hope to see you all in court next week! 

    More announcements to follow, including very strict rules for court appearances, which we expect will be followed perfectly. Your court attendance is to signal strong public support for this case and for the whole StopNDAA team - the lawyers, plaintiffs, and tireless volunteers who have worked for over a year on this; it is certainly not to try to influence judges. We are using the rule of law to try to restore the rule of law, and together, with a deep sense of integrity that too often seems to be missing in our systems, we WILL see rights and justice restored through our efforts.

    Your presence in court and at the press conference can help us get more widespread coverage of this case - which is so critical - while we are in a pitched battle with the DOJ and its attempts to radically conflate two distinct laws with distinct powers. It also means a lot to all of us personally - none of us are alone in these battles and we must remind each other of that continually. 

    Thank you and more announcements to follow this week!

    Hello everyone - it is imperative that if you stand with us in solidarity but cannot attend that you change your status to "maybe". We need an accurate head count! I'm checking on whether we can get a bigger room. At present it will seat 64 people. PLEASE change your status if you are not going to be there in person. Thanks!