Friday, 15 February 2013

Penhurst feedback | Action for Children

Future of Penhurst School What has Action for Children announced about the future of Penhurst School? Action for Children has been consulting on the proposed closure of Penhurst School. After considering a full range of alternative options and feedback from the staff consultation and from families and the local community, we are very reluctantly announcing the closure of Penhurst School. The school is due to close in the second half of May 2013. Why is Action for Children closing Penhurst School? We understand that many people will be saddened by this decision, but the school has become unsustainable. Nationally, there has been an increasing move from this way of providing care towards placing more children and young people nearer their local community. We are deeply saddened to have to make this announcement. We would not have made this decision if we had any viable alternative. What has Action for Children done to try and avoid closure? We have pursued a full range of options to turn the school around, looking at transforming the provision and transferring the school. Unfortunately, they too saw no way of making the school sustainable. We have carried out a full consultati