Thursday, 29 December 2011

British Medicinal Cannabis Register (BMCR) To Close

British Medicinal Cannabis Register
It is with great regret that the BMCR announces its closure.

Founded in 2010 with the intention of creating a database of medicinal cannabis users and a source of information for education and research it attracted immediate support from l...

eading politicians, scientists and doctors. Unfortunately, the more mainstream support it attracted the more that some elements in the cannabis community turned against it. Initially it was opposed by a small group associated with UK420 including the site's admin Joolz as well as Jeff Ditchfield. Derek Williams of UKCIA campaigned against it and there was a great deal of damaging speculation as well as wild and scaremongering accusations about its purpose and its data protection policies.

These attacks meant that the register was permanently handicapped shortly after its birth. From a very encouraging start, within a few weeks those opposed to it had sown sufficient fear and uncertainty that registrations dried up. Medicinal users had been terrorised into fear and silence.

Through 2011 a considerable investment was made by both the founders and a number of volunteer workers. A website with online registration was created and the Facebook page was updated on an hourly basis with new information about medicinal cannabis.

The register set out from the beginning to be a non-campaigning organisation. However its driving force was Peter Reynolds and when he was elected leader of CLEAR in February 2011 his attention wss diverted and the register's impartiality compromised. Shortly afterwards the Home Office applied pressure and required Professor Les Iversen to resign from the council.

Registrations did begin to recover through 2011 but health problems intervened for those involved in administration and there were technical problems with the hosting company which meant that some data was lost.

In recent months the register has been subject to further attacks from Alan Buffry and Peta Lee. Mr Buffry was using it as a pawn in his personal vendetta against Peter Reynolds. Ms Lee's motives are unclear.

In fact the motives of all those who opposed the register are difficult to understand. There was never anything constructive about the criticism. The noble and compassionate aims that is set out with were trampled over and no alternative was proposed. Undoubtedly the idea will resurface one day as it is so clearly needed. Let us hope it receives more encouragement next time. It seems to be an unfortunate characteristic of the cannabis community that it frequently turns on itself and allows petty rivalries and tribal behaviour to destroy good work.

All data held by the BMCR has now been permanently erased. This Facebook page will be closed at the end of January 2012.

Those who participated in the destruction of the BMCR know who they are and their conduct rests on their own consciences. We acknowledge and honour those who made a positive contribution and who set out to help those who need cannabis as medicine.

Jim Alekson, Medical Marijuana Delivery Systems
Matthew Atha, Independent Drug Monitoring Unit
Chris Baldwin, Medicinal user
Carolyn Cameron, Medicinal user
Paul Flynn MP, House Of Commons
Clark French, Action4MS
Victor Hamilton, Medicinal user
Elliot Haughin, Apple Computer
Professor Les Iversen, University of Oxford
Baroness Molly Meacher, House Of Lords
Stevie Powers, THCTalk
Colin Preece, Campaigner
Jason Reed, Cannabis Law Reform
Peter Reynolds, Cannabis Law Reform
Jim "Pinky" Starr, Medicinal user
Dr Malcolm Vandenburg, Consulting Physician