Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Justice 4 Ayn

December 14, 2011 was

AYN'S 10th


People ALL OVER THE WORLD celebrated
this beautiful child's life to
let the WORLD know she matters!

Happy Birthday to AYN,
with LOVE from Disneyland ღ


says behavior therapist Robyn McHattie who worked directly with Ayn and Derek for 2 years!  

Can The State STEAL Our Kids
Without Due Process?


You Be The Judge:


On June 12th, as is very typical for autistic children, AYN wandered away from home. Ayn's dad, Derek Hoare, called the police to assist in finding her, and she was found two doors down from her home, playing in a neighbors backyard.


On June 16, 2011, two CPS workers arrived at the home of Derek and requested he "voluntarily" sign over custody of his beloved 9-yr-old autistic daughter Ayn.  He refused to give away his child; he did NOT need that kind of help.


Within hours of her REMOVAL, Ayn was placed in a psychiatric facility and immediately put on THREE (3) powerful antipsychotics: NOTE: Ayn is AUTISTIC, NOT psychotic.  They drugged her with neuroleptics, one of which was administered at DOUBLE the maximum recommended DAILY dose by the attending physician(s).


There have NEVER been any signs of abuse or neglect: confirmed by all reports & hospital.


The BC government and the Ministry of Children and Families (MCFD), is employing dangerous, illicit and aggressive tactics - there is NO excuse!!!


The Ministry's actions will most assuredly cause psychological damage and PTSD to this innocent child.