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Our Work

We work to highlight the experiences of low-to-middle earners (LMEs) through our research and improve outcomes for them through our policy proposals. We produce economic and quantitative analysis as well as conducting our own qualitative research. We work closely with Government as well as partners in the private and third sectors to achieve our goals. Here you can read more about what we’re currently working on. Get in touch at info@resolutionfoundation.org if you’d like to speak to us about any aspect of our work.

Resolution Foundation Commission on Living Standards

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The Commission on Living Standards is an independent and wide-ranging investigation into the pressures facing people on low to middle incomes. Its work is focused on the long term economic trends that are changing the nature of life ...

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Social Mobility

In the 1990s, less than 3 percent of people who started the decade in the bottom 20% of earnings made it to the top 20% by the end of the decade. Although this doubled in the 2000s to close to 6%, it remained very low ...

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Low-to-middle earners audit

Every year the Resolution Foundation publishes a snapshot of life for people living on a low-to-middle income, the so-called ‘squeezed middle’. At the heart of our mission is understanding the challenges faced by households in this group so that we can develop effective policy proposals ...

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The average low-to-middle income household putting aside 5 per cent of their disposable income each year would have taken 31 years to save a deposit in 2010, up from just eight years in 1983.

Alongside cuts to social housing, people on a low-to-middle income are ...

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Life on a low-to-middle income

The Resolution Foundation is following 8 families on a low-to-middle income around the UK, over the next 9 months, to understand more about their household finances, their overall standard of living and their aspirations for the future. The families will be interviewed in March, June ...

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Childcare is a key issue for all families, but especially those on low-to-middle incomes. With costs of childcare rising and incomes stagnating many families are being forced to question whether work really pays. The Resolution Foundation is investigating how changes to Tax Credits and in ...

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Financial Health

The Financial Health Forum was set up in 2008 following work that the Foundation did on the lack of financial advice for people on low-to-middle incomes. This work resulted in the roll out of the National Money Advice Service in 2011.

The forum meets quarterly ...

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Living Wage

Making pay work

The concept of a ‘living wage’ is not a new one, but it has gained increasing traction across the political spectrum in recent years. While it has the potential to contribute to a comprehensive strategy to improve people’s standard of living ...

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Macroeconomic Analysis

Our major 2009/2010 programme explores the impact of the recession on low-to-middle earning households and asks how low-to-middle earners (LMEs) can be protected during the recovery. We highlight how LMEs are more exposed by the current downturn than both better-off and poorer households when ...

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