Monday, 19 December 2011

Woodnut Media

Woodnut Media Ltd was formed in New Zealand in Oct 2011 after being originally started as a project in England back in 2007. The web publishing software was 3 years in the making, and was initially sold in Devon and Cornwall as part of the first sales pilot.

Being a Kiwi idea, it was always going to come home at some point, and now Woodnut has a team of marketers, designers and production people working hard to produce unique and interesting websites for small business owners.

We focus on providing employment for youth, and are working with Work & Income NZ to create jobs that increase skills, are rewarding, and fun.

We are now trading in both NZ and the UK (Woodnut Technology Ltd in London), and are looking for sales channel partners in other countries.

We're also working on another couple of software products that will create efficiencies for small business owners, and there'll be more about those in the Company Blog soon.