Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Optimizing the Collections Process with Speech Analytics | UTOPY

UTOPY's award winning Interaction Analytics software combined with the UTOPY Collections Optimization solution measure, monitor and improve debt collections. Whether you're a collections agency looking to drive results for your clients or an in-house contact center looking to reduce outstanding receivables, UTOPY can help.

Measuring Collections Skills with Interaction Analytics

Contact Center agent collection skills can vary widely. The wide range of agent collection rates provides a major opportunity for organizations that have the ability to identify the reasons for these discrepancies and reduce them with targeted agent coaching. With UTOPY, contact centers are able to measure and monitor 100% of their interactions and analyze them down to the individual agent and interaction level.

UTOPY Collections Optimization

UTOPY Collections Optimization begins by accurately identifying the skills that are most critical to successful debt collection. The Solution leverages the successful collections skills in its Knowledge Base, and then correlates additional industry or company specific skills with collections success, producing a comprehensive library of skills that are most critical to success for each particular company. The dashboards and analytics included with UTOPY Collections Optimization then automatically continuously monitor usage of those key skills, in a completely objective manner. By analyzing the entirety of calls, the solution recognizes every time any collection technique is used, measures and tracks skill usage by agent, and correlates these metrics with successful collections. Such precise, comprehensive and objective tracking of critical collection skill usage is impossible using traditional interaction monitoring methods, and very difficult with other Interaction Analytics tools, which produce incomplete analysis.

Targeted Training and Coaching

UTOPY Intelligent Coaching leverages the precise and comprehensive information provided by UTOPY Collections Optimization to deliver much more targeted and effective training, coaching, and self-learning completely focused on the most relevant collections skills.

The Key to Increasing Collections Rates

Whether your contact center is focused on accounts receivable or consumer debt collections, UTOPY can help to increase your collections success. UTOPY gives you the power to analyze 100% of your calls for collections skill usage and leverage this information to quickly improve collections.