Monday, 25 April 2011

Cannabis users - some of the best people I have ever met - projectbrainsaver

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Image via Wikipedia Thank you.

Simple and straightforward.

Thank some of you very much for the true depth of friendship I would have hoped to find whilst living a life on this planet.

Thank you for helping me through those times when I literally couldn't work my own head or body properly.

Thank you for giving a damn. The fact that you smoke is more credit to you and less for a society who plays the stupid games that they play.

Thank you for everything I have learned through knowing you all; it's been very sound at times more thanks to you and no thanks to those supposedly there to help... time after time after time after time

and none of that has anything to do with cannabis.

To Gordon Brown I would love to say "Hello"


Actually a bit more than that. This as well

"Your seeming bigotry and seeming lack of knowledge of who the tokers of your country are is sad. Many of your best teachers and best carers and nurses, doctors, artists, musicians, ... the list goes on - (I reckon even the Queen knows and likes someone who smokes, or has happily smoked) do smoke or have smoked or know someone who smokes and sees no harm - except occasionally when they usually try to help ... and in many cases succeed better than the help agencies who are sometimes paid too much for doing too little for their clientel.

Stop playing games with the lives of responsible adults. None of us want what you think is right on this subject. Listen to the people who know what life in our world is all about. They said leave well alone so you decided to go stamp about. Focus on more important things like we have to every day. You and your immature laws have made me a criminal for over thirty years. Time you helped those laws to grow up so I can use cannabis as I want and when I want without fear of the police deciding to come visit"

... or something like that...

Copy and paste to No. 10 ..... ...... ........ .......... (-:

How long d'you reckon it will take for the door to be knocked?

5 days?



... gulpsville


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