Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Tooth Tattoos: Pimp Your Grill Ink-Style

LindsayIt’s one of the latest growing trends, and one of the least painful ways to get a tattoo. Curious ink fans are sporting grill tats, tattoos inked directly onto their front teeth, for a nice piece of colorful bling to show off to their friends.

The tats don’t need any recovery time, and only require a few hours to dry and set before you can eat, touch them and even brush your teeth.

Lindsay Ramires of Los Angeles got a pink, yellow and blue butterfly inked onto her front tooth, to match the one on her lower back. “It makes me feel special, like when I smile it Jeremiahshows a part of who I am,” she said.

Scott Lucas of North Hollywood spelled out the name of his younger brother Andrew, who passed away two years ago, across his six front teeth. “This way he will always be remembered,” he said.

"Tooth tattooing isn’t very common yet," says tattoo artist Jeremiah Ludlow. “We’ve only gotten a few of them so far, but people are always impressed by it.” The most popular grill tats are letters, spelled one per tooth, or small pictures.

JakeJake Henley of Sherman Oaks got flames inked onto his two front teeth. He says he’d get them across his other teeth, too, but wants to try it out on two first. “I like it, we’ll see if it stays that way,” he said.

Grill tats are about the same price as an arm or shoulder tattoo, depending on what you're having done. They'd be less expensive because of their size, says Jeremiah, but the cost of the equipment and special ink brings the price back up. But grill tats are a unique statement not a lot of people make, and are definitely worth the investment. Check your local tattoo parlor to try grill tats for yourself. Grillz out.