Sunday, 24 April 2011

hightechheadhelper - for when your brain hurts

With almost every type of transaction that you do nowadays you leave something behind- information about you.

Most medium and large companies (and government agencies) store this data and use it to 'profile' you. This profiling helps them to better connect you with services and goods that you are likely to need or want.

Insurance companies and benefit agencies are starting to use 'lie' detecting technology to make sure that any claims made are valid and honest claims.

Large scale businesses and organisations use technology to 'understand' all the information that comes into their offices, no matter how it comes in - whether this is by phone, email, letter, whatever - this data is called Unstructured data and, up till recently, this flood of words in all the forms possible had to be handled and sorted by hand.Now it is sorted by technology. Technology that has all the rules of language and uses of that language built in to it.

It is these technologies and more that can form the core of these tools.

These technologies are used by you. Your profile builds up as you talk. Talk about anything you want to. Shout if you need to. Your profile is used for your benefit only. Whether you need personal help for a deep rooted problem or just a simple answer to a question, this technology listens and then acts. For you.

Coming soon... but only if you want it