Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Ashin Gambira: “Please try to find a good way to work for the release of all political prisoners” |

Ashin Gambira’s sister Khin Thu Htay was able to visit her brother after his recent transfer to the remote Myaungmya Prison in Irrawaddy Division on Monday. She delivered a message from Ashin Issariya to him and a message from Ashin Gambira to us.

The message Ashin Issariya aka King Zero wanted U Gambira to know is, that we are working for him to free all political prisoners now, especialle the monks. “I try my best to help you and to free all political prisoners, especially all our innocent monks and nons.”

U Gambira said “please try to find a good way to work for the release of all political prisoners. When we worked together it was good. Now you need to find a way for a good action. More action is needed to free all political prisoners.”

Khin Thu Htay told us that contrary to other prison visits, where her brother was able to speak eloquently and fast, he now slurs his speech and reacts very slowly. While his physical condition seems to be good, his mental state seemed problematic to her.

According to Mizzima the prison doctor at Myaungmya Prison said that if the authorities continue to detain Ashin Gambira, his state of mind would be difficult to return to a healthy condition, according to his sister, Khin Htay.

As we reported earlier, Ashin Gambira is suffering from fits, in which he frequently cries out in pain and clutches at his head. The prison authorities then have to hold him down to administer a drug via injection, perhaps a sedative, after which he goes quiet and falls unconscious. When he comes out of unconsciousness, he slurs his speech. This is the result of torture where he was blindfolded and repeatedly beaten on the head.

Ashin Gambira is suffering from the combined effects of long-term solitary confinement (he has not been allowed outside of his solitary cell since May 2009), torture and beatings, complete lack of proper medical care, and very poor nutrition. His condition is worsening and seems to be quite precarious. In late 2009 he was reported to have contracted malaria, but has never received proper treatment for this condition.