Monday, 28 November 2011

'Twine' Lets Everyday Objects Speak to Us : Discovery News


Twine: $99 pledge

Want your household appliances or everyday activities to be a little more chatty? Well, Twine can send out a tweet when your drier finishes its cycle or when your basement is in danger of being flooded. This 2.5-inch jelly-ish blue square has WiFi connectivity and can last for months on two AAA batteries.The device monitors vibrations and temperature with its internal thermometer and accelerometer, and can detect moisture.

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External sensors for monitoring other movements, like a magnetic switch, can be plugged in and controlled as well, sans programming. Its accompanying app, Spool, allows users to control the device by setting up rules for messaging. For example, you can type “WHEN moisture sensor gets wet THEN text “The basement is flooding!”  When it senses something within the rules, it can contact you via text, email, Twitter and even by a configurable HTTP request (if you’re cool like that). This is yet another invention on Kickstarter. As of today it has almost $115,000 pledged with 838 backers. A $99 pledge gets you Twine with built-in temperature and motion sensors and a gift card for another one. It also includes free shipping in the United States. 

Via: Engadget

Photo Credit: Supermechanical