Monday, 28 November 2011

Women for Schapelle: Schapelle Corby - Supporters Gagged

Monday, November 28, 2011

Schapelle Corby - Supporters Gagged

Sorry folks, but a Supreme Court Order just obtained by Kerry Stokes is threatening me with severe consequences if I mention certain serious allegations about his network, and practises, that are still freely available on the net for anyone else to look at - and for anyone else in the World (except me), to link to.

However, I have formally referred those allegations to the police, not that I have any faith in their integrity and ability to investigate these matters.

Though when I was at Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp, this kind of attack against any one person was brilliantly deflected by thousands joining in the action. On one occasion, the Royal Courts of Justice in The Strand (London), was overflowing with women blatantly asking to be included in the "Charges." By the end of it, the judge's head was spinning. He'd never seen anything like - and the whole afternoon descended into high farce.

So quite bizarrely, I'm the only person on the entire Planet precluded from writing about allegations that I (and you), are still free to read about (and listen to), elsewhere.

So some might reasonably conclude the man's a twit and a bully - because the material's still freely available, and he's achieved nothing, except publicly stomping on one person without the tiniest fraction of his wealth. Nice one Kerry.

Welcome to George Orwell's Animal Farm . . .