Monday, 28 November 2011 occupy - filling in the voices of the choir (-: Please pass round to singers of words, takers of portraits,lovers of life, dancers of power... to the 99% :-) occupy ? Why are ANY Available at all?????? On your marks.. Get set.. (-: There is a way

Blogger taken
Facebook available
YouTube taken
eBay taken
Wordpress taken
twitter taken
MySpace taken
Flickr taken
LinkedIn available
photobucket taken
tumblr taken
Hulu available
Vimeo taken
cafemom available
DailyMotion available
Squidoo available
Etsy taken
Disqus taken
Flixster available
deviantART taken taken
LiveJournal taken
Fanpop available
epinions available
Twitpic available
yfrog taken
Digg taken
Instructables taken
Good Reads available
StumbleUpon available
UStream taken
Kongregate available
Buzznet taken
Gather taken
Kaboodle available
reddit taken
delicious available
slideshare available
foursquare available
Badoo available
Posterous taken
hi5 taken taken available
VodPod available
Xanga available
Viddler available
Netlog taken
Fotolog available
Current available taken
bebo available
Steam available
Technorati available
iLike available indefinite
DailyBooth available taken available
Tripit available
blekko available
gowalla available
Faves available
FriendFeed available
netvibes available
Qik taken
Aviary available
BlinkList available available available
Gogobot available
Dribbble available
Plancast available
identica available
Food Spotting available
Wefollow available
Picasa available
brightkite available
blippy available
claimid available
blippr available
Chimp available
Wishlistr available
GetGlue available
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