Monday, 21 November 2011

David Cameron defends debt reduction strategy - UK


You are so wrong - there are plenty of other people responsible for 'our' debts AND 'our' deficit.

The people who decided to keep an invented system the way it is. The people who play games with words so they can market and sell anything to anyone. The people who decided to play merry hell with the economy. Goldman Sachs. Merril Lynch..... etc

What sort of stupid world is it where we allow multi billionaires with more money than knowledge of down to earth reality to set the patterns for those of us on little or nothing. The ignorant leading the needy.

Also let us include all those middle men whose lives are based solely around pulling together money from those above or pulling together the life style only supported by money from those above.

The wealthy are not stupid. They can see he end coming at them faster than a bullet - whether this is the end of this particular system or the end of the world and the human race - whichever, it is in their interests alone to keep grabbing.

Those who proffess to be on the right side of all of this capitalist miasma... whilst joing in and therefore perpetuating all that goes on and has gone on. Let's not forget them.

Those of us who turned our backs and left it to the children and youngsters, the 'cranks' and the 'hippies' to shout and fight for what we have known for years aught to be changed.