Monday, 25 July 2011

Free Billy Mckee - Cannabus Protest New Zealand - Paraparaumu to Levin Thursday 28th - THIS THURSDAY!

Free Billy Mckee - Cannabus Protest

by Gary Chiles on Tuesday, 26 July 2011 at 00:54

High all,


Apologies for being AWOL - I've been up to my eyeballs just keeping up with my work.

I have had no time to spare to get anything organised for Billy Mckee's hearing at Levin District Court on Thursday.

However, there are plans afoot.


Wednesday 27th - CANNABUS & BACK BENCHES

The Cannabus will be driving down from The Daktory tomorrow, Wednesday, with a small crew of about 8-10 Daktavists.

The bus & crew will be staying at Paraparaumu at my house, and possibly also some at a motel.

I have booked a table for 07:30pm at the Back Bencher pub for dinner & Back Benches.

The Cannabus will drive into Wellington for dinner & Back Benches before returning to Paraparaumu Wednesday night.

Please make an effort to join us at the pub if you can, we will be waving FREE BILLY MCKEE signs at the cameras at every opportunity.

Wear a NORML, Green Cross, or ALCP shirt if you have one, we should try to be as visible as possible.



The Cannabus will be leaving Paraparaumu for Levin Thursday morning at 08:00am from the Coastlands car park, opposite the Paraparaumu railway station.

Any cars driving from Wellington are welcome to join us at Paraparaumu to convoy on to Levin.

We will be protesting outside the court on arrival (approx. 08:40am).

We expect that Billy's hearing will be only a short formality, so following that - The Cannabus and other vehicles will be driving into Wellington to visit Parliament, to deliver letters for MPs and Ministers and to stage a protest.


Things I'm looking after:

  • Making printed FREE BILLY MCKEE signs
  • Printing FREE BILLY MCKEE flyers and petition (see attached)
  • Writing letter for my MP, and for Ministers to deliver to Parliament

  • Housing the Cannabus crew


Things I need somebody/everybody else to look after:

  • Contact media
  • Write letter to MP, and to Ministers to deliver to Parliament
  • Organise for Hutt & Wellington people to get to Paraparaumu/Levin
  • Print petition and collect signatures

  • Organise to collect donations for Billy
  • Help with housing Cannabus crew
  • Everything else I forgot to mention here...

I have not contacted Parliament Security to tell them we will be visiting, if anyone would like to look after that, let me know, or we just swarm the place unannounced.


Once again, apologies for the short notice, please help if you can, all efforts to help Billy will be very much appreciated.



Gary Chiles

021 157 3862