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I’m Roy Norry and my passions are divided between web site hosting and all things Internet. I’m slowly shaping this site to be a portal of news and information about both security issues and about the Internet in general.

In my view the Internet is a glorious way to empower ordinary people to have a presence, to mark their territory, state their case and to put their information in the public domain. I applaud anyone from individuals to those in business taking to the Internet and using it as a promotional tool, and as a place to create a presence. Home users quickly find that the Internet becomes part of their daily lives. Evidence is seen in the phenomenal popularity and use of social networks.

Amidst all this are the hackers, who are no doubt spurred on by the recent high profile hacking cases reported widely in the press. My idea for this site is to help keep users informed of current trends. Not only in security issues, but also reflecting the Internet in more general terms and examining some of the issues.

I try to write my articles in a form that anyone conversant in English will understand without needing a degree in digital engineering! . Those new to Internet web hosting and indeed those new to doing business via a website will hopefully benefit from my observations and experience in Internet issues spanning back to the year 2000. In that time I’ve been a self taught user of Internet services  and especially my own websites. I started out on Geocities! , one of the early web hosting community projects, progressing to being an internet hosting provider and more recently to becoming a master reseller.

I have created some categories on this site already. The category that I write for is called Internet Hosting News and can be viewed here: 

Keep an eye on this page for updates. 

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