Friday, 29 July 2011

This is a new P.A.N.I.C and is in no way connected to the old P.A.N.I.C (Parents Against Negative Intervention of CYFS) group. We were formed in 2011 as P.A.N.I.C (Positive Answers Needed In Crisis), which means we are a support group for those in all situations needing support and guidence.

P.A.N.I.C is NOT against child-youth-and-family nor any organisation. It is against tactics used by individuals or groups within these organisations who break their own CODES OF CONDUCT, commit perjury within the family courts and even those who fail a reasonable standard in care and work practise.


P.A.N.I.C is NOT about adding to the stress of individuals who find themselves in the whirlpool of dishonest organisations. We do NOT feed into the negative but help individuals untangle and find the strength needed. We offer support and practical advice and if we do not have the answer we will do all we can to find out or put you on the right track to solutions.


P.A.N.I.C as it grows will give a list of lawyers and other professional services with experience in cases like yours. Links to other support groups or services that may also be of help. Our aim is to help you help yourself.


P.A.N.I.C aims to do research and keep records that will be clear indications of common errors. If these can be identified then there is a far greater chance that remedies can be found.


P.A.N.I.C in person, as we grow we hope to have support people trained in offering you one to one, in person or phone advocacy support. This may mean we can help you keep good records, attend FGCs, work at identifying weakness and finding remedies. Advocacy work may also include helping you with CYFs or WINZ or even plunket. Where ever you feel you need someone we can be there.


P.A.N.I.C aims to help those who feel alone. Linking you to groups offering all forms of support such as single parents etc. If you have a group you feel we should know about please let us know and we will endeavour to grow our pool of support links or even fun groups for both families and individuals.


P.A.N.I.C is for everyone, parents, grandparents, friends, caregivers, relatives, workers finding the tactics of work mates hard to handle or even the policies set out. Whatever the problem if it is becoming too much, reach out, we are here with a helping hand.