Wednesday, 27 July 2011

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Smart Start-Up Tips: What Most Entrepreneurs Forget to Do – A Checklist of Stupidly Obvious Things

It’s rarely the big picture stuff that we totally forget. It’s all the little (seemingly insignificant) stuff that completely slips our minds until it’s too late. But as they say, it’s in the details (and that little stuff adds up)!

It happens to all of us – 10,000 business cards get printed without your social media links, you send LinkedIn requests to your new contacts without updating your profile, or you launch your latest product without letting your email subscribers know where to go to buy it.

It’s happened to us (or very close entrepreneurial friends who shared over drinks and laughter) and it could happen to you. Before your next entrepreneurial “Oops!”, read our checklist of stupidly obvious things (just in case you missed one of those small details).

A Checklist of Stupidly Obvious Things that Most Entrepreneurs Forget

#1: Share your social media links EVERYWHERE – On your business card, web site, email signature, author bio, and other social media sites. Include them everywhere because you never know who would prefer to follow, fan or friend you before taking the next step.

A recent entrepreneurial oops had me neglect to include my Twitter ID on a collaborative book I was asked to contribute a chapter to. Too bad because the book has been published and is now a bestseller.

#2: Include contact details on your web site – The more you want people to contact you, the easier you need to make it for them to access reliable contact information, preferably multiple methods to suit different communication preferences.

For example, if your business relies on potential customers picking up the telephone, it’s critical that you place contact details on the top of every page or use clear navigation to direct them to your contact page.

#3: Update your profiles and bio regularly – Did you win an award or other recognition? Change the name of your company? Publish a book? Don’t forget to update your bio!

Get in the habit of redoing or refreshing your bio on a regular basis, including your headshot. You don’t want to get caught with an outdated photo and a bio that’s missing your latest accolades.

#4: Give clear instructions on how to buy – Does your sales page pass the Grandma test? Meaning if you sent your 87-year-old (non-technical) Grannie to complete a transaction, would she succeed or get confused and give up?

So often entrepreneurs forget to give simple, direct instructions on how to buy what they’re trying to sell. Do they click a big yellow button? Find a local dealer? Call a toll free number to place an order?

#5: Always introduce yourself with your web site – Get in the habit of introducing yourself in interviews and media profiles as you plus your web site, complete with the dot whatever.

If it’s an audio interview and there’s a chance your listeners may not remember or misspell your URL, repeat it multiple times or spell it out. “I’m Carla Young, Publisher of MOMeo That’s MOM-E-O (as in Mom CEO).”

#6: Include promotions in your email signature – Think about how much email correspondence you send out in a day. That’s how many opportunities you are missing out on to share what you are up to with people who already know, like and trust you.

Are you launching a new affiliate program? Promoting your new Facebook fan page? Offering a new and exciting product? Share it in your signature! You never know who will take you up on your offer if you never make it.

#7: Always NEVER forget to bring business cards – Business cards are small and fit anywhere so there’s no excuse not to have a couple stashed in every nook and cranny. Bring them…because you just never know!