Sunday, 20 November 2011

Balfour Beatty Corporate Killers — Revolution Socialist Youth

Balfour Beatty Corporate Killers

Exposing the “1%”

With the rich, the bankers, and giant multinational companies screwing the poor whilst they make billions at our expense, it’s about time we got our own back by exposing the truth.

Whilst thousands across the world occupy cities and strike against corporate greed, there’s one company in particular that deserves our attention – British based construction multinational Balfour Beatty.

Right now, electricians across the country are protesting, occupying and striking against the attempts of seven national construction firms to back out of collective agreements and slash the pay of electricians by over 35%.

The largest of these, Balfour Beatty, is a firm which cannot seem to escape controversy and is mired in a sea of scandal, corruption and human rights abuse.


How Balfour Beatty Profits from Death

From the Hatfield train crash, to a toddler electrocuted on a railway line – Balfour Beatty have blood on their hands. Read more…



Corruption and Human Rights Abuses

Vested interests, dodgy arms deals, and environmental wrecking abroad. Balfour are never far away. Read more…



The Blacklist

Use illegal databases to exclude trade unionists from working and organising? Must have sounded too good to be true for the Balfour bosses. Read more…



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