Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Amnesty International's Global Write-a-thon | Write for Rights

SIGN UP to Write for Rights! Participate as an individual, host an event with friends, family, and members of your community, or attend a scheduled event. Check out our Write for Rights map to find an event near you, and RSVP to attend an event.

SPREAD THE WORD! Tell everyone that you plan to Write for Rights on Facebook and/or Twitter. Encourage others to sign up for Write for Rights by texting or emailing this registration link:

Get your RESOURCES. Everything you need to participate in Write for Rights will be available on this website, including case summaries, sample letters, promotional materials, and helpful tips for holding a successful Write for Rights event. Participants will receive an email when these additional Resources become available. If you'd like hard copies of these items or have questions, email us:

WRITE and MAIL your letters. (December 3-11 are the key dates, but feel free to start earlier or later.)

TELL US HOW IT WENT! We want to hear from you: did you meet your letter pledge goal? Do you have great ideas on how we can make next year’s Write for Rights even better? Be sure to complete the very brief online evaluation form (available soon) or send us an email: