Thursday, 31 March 2011

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Dial H for Horror - aixvox presents interactive horror movie in San Francisco

Aachen/ San Francisco. The first interactive horror movie “Last Call” evokes national sensation and enthusiasm. Aixvox GmbH, a consulting company from Aachen, created in collaboration with the renowed agency Jung von Matt, Powerflashers and Telenet communication systems a hitherto unique setup. Via speech recognition the dialogue between protagonist and an audience member becomes possible. The participant's answers are transformed into specific instructions. Thus, every member of the audience can design a different film.

At Mobile Voice Conference in San Francisco aixvox will present the interactive movie for the first time to the American market. “The project is groundbreaking for the future. Speech technology will find its place at the entertainment market not only here in Germany, but world-wide“, explains Detlev Artelt, CEO and senior consultant of aixvox. The Mobile Voice Conference ( is one of the most well-known American conferences recognizing topics such as speech recognition, speaker verification or also text-to-speech. From 22 - 23 April in San Francisco the conference focuses on mobile phones, mobile Internet and language solutions for mobile devices. Apart from the innovative use of speech technology and mobile phones e.g. in Last Call, the experts from aixvox also present different application types of language solutions. „New ways to use voice in Businesses and Entertainment: A view from Europe“ is the title of the lecture, Detlev gives at 22.4.2010, 10,.15 – 11.20.

Beside current trends in the range Unified Communications and Voice solutions on the European market are focussed. The upcoming English edition of voice compass, annually published by Detlev Artelt, will also pick out modern solutions, trends and innovations in speech technology as a central theme. As the current edition of voice compass (R)Evolution in der Kommunikation ( it specially focuses Unified Communications.

About the aixvox GmbH
The aixvox GmbH from Aachen is an international consulting and service enterprise. Our focus is the optimisation of customer communication in the field of Unified Communications, speech applications, marketing, public relations and training. We rebuild telecommunication infrastructure, expand existing systems, establish marketing strategies, conduct image furthering public relations and coach your employees in communication with their customers. Furthermore, we publish several professional articles and market researchs in the field of speech automation, as well as the voice compass, the book about the speech market.

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